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Bringing 4G to the countryside

1 min
Bouygues Telecom introduces another innovation with the 4G Box, a fixed, ultra-high-speed broadband service designed for households in sparsely populated areas, where home ADSL connections are too slow.
By Ludmilla Intravaia
David Poulain lives in Neuville-de- Poitou, a small town in the countryside a few kilometers from Poitiers, in west-central France. « Now at home, all five of us can connect to the Internet at the same time with no freezing or spinning wheels. » The Poulain family is one of 2,000 households that successfully tested Bouygues Telecom’s new 4G Box in a pilot phase conducted by thirteen points of sale in France starting last October. It was an original way for the operator to fine-tune its offering based on feedback from sales staff in the the nationwide January 23rd
Supply very-high-speed fixed Internet access in the customer’s home.
Laure Joslet
Head of Consumer Marketing at Bouygues Telecom
The 4G Box intended for subscribers living populated France and rural areas, quality of fixed service is below downloading, poor browsing, etc.) and where the fiber optic network, which ensures lightning connections, will not be installed for another few years.
« Until now, the operators have been providing Internet access using ADSL technology on the incumbent operator’s copper network, which is more than 30 years old, explains Samuel Guinaudeau, Bbox and Convergence Marketing manager at Bouygues Telecom. However, this infrastructure has reached its limits. With home Internet use and video streaming soaring by 20 to 30 percent a year, customers are feeling more and more handicapped with an ADSL connection, which delivers data rates that are now too slow. » Laure Joslet, Head of Consumer Marketing at Bouygues Telecom, adds: « Our 4G Box is a new solution on the market because it overcomes the physical limitations of ADSL lines by using our powerful 4G network to supply very-high-speed fixed Internet access in the customer’s home. »
Thanks to the 4G Box’s long-range Wi-Fi signal, everyone in the family can simultaneously connect up to 32 devices all around the home and enjoy a high-quality connection over the fourth-generation mobile telephone network. For example, with the 4G Box, it is possible to surf the Web or watch videos on smartphones, tablets, or computers. It does not provide access to television on the set in the living room, however, since this offer is designed specifically to give customers what they want most: a fast Internet connection at home. The 4G Box is available only in sparsely populated areas of the country where 4G reception inside buildings is good. An eligibility test is required to see whether a household will be able to access this service. Bouygues Telecom technicians must make sure that the 4G network has the capacity to simultaneously handle all the traffic of its mobile phone customers and its 4G Box customers without becoming overloaded. This new product was an immediate success. Sales of the 4G Box exceeded budget targets by 20 percent in the month it was launched. The 4G Box eligibility area will grow as the coverage and capacity of Bouygues Telecom’s 4G network increase. Right now that network reaches 85 percent of the French population, and the proportion is expected to be 99 percent at the end of 2018. By the end of this year, 10 million households should be eligible for the 4G Box.
Nothing could be simpler to install
Sylvain Maitre 4G Box Client
You installed the 4G Box in your home at Jaunay-Clan, about ten kilometers from Poitiers, last October. Why?

We couldn’t connect to the Internet with ADSL. To do simple stuff like going on Facebook or calling up Google, we had enough time to go out and have a coffee or two. Impossible to download photos or videos, to Skype with friends. The family felt unconnected without the Internet.

And now?

My two sons can play their video games. My wife prepares a meal by watching a video that shows how to make a dish. Life is better for the whole family.

Was the 4G Box easy to install?

It couldn’t be simpler. We picked up the box at the store, plugged it into an outlet at home, and connected two tablets and two computers to it with Wi-Fi. And it worked!