Equans is a world leader in the energy and services sector with operations in 20 countries and a headcount of 88,100.





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What does Equans mean?


Equans is a leading player in several European countries and boasts a strong presence in North America, South America and Oceania.

Drawing on its long-standing local brands and strong roots across its geographies, Equans has contributed to building energy infrastructure in many different countries.

88,100 highly skilled employees fortify the exceptional technical expertise that Equans provides for its customers, in design, installation, maintenance, and the operation of equipment and multitechnical systems. This know-how stems from its people’s skills in the fields of electrical engineering, ventilation, fire safety, cooling systems, mechanics, robotics, and digital technology solutions.

By consolidating this collective knowledge, Equans’ teams are able to provide their customers with effective solutions that have been optimised for each stage of the energy and data chain: production, storage, transportation, use and maintenance of equipment.

Equans’ profile

Equans provides its customers with tangible, distinctive solutions that address the major challenges facing society today: the energy, industrial and digital transitions.

Equans’ vision

“We want to be recognised as the leader in our field, unrivalled in our efforts to accelerate the transitions our customers are undertaking to move towards a lower-carbon, more resilient world.”

Equans mission

“We support our customers as they transform their energy systems, digital technology and industries, delivering high-level expertise and technology. We want to be a driving force behind the creation of a lower-carbon world.”

Our corporate purpose describes what we do on a daily basis, our business activities, and what we want to bring to the world. It unites us and defines what we do every single day.

Strategic priorities

Raise the bar for operational excellence at the grassroots level

Drawing on sales of around €17 billion, a headcount of nearly 90,000 highly-qualified people, the strength and density of its geographical footprint, and a solid reputation backed by local, long-standing brands, Equans demonstrates excellent technical know-how in design, installation, maintenance and high-performance services, using a unique combination of skills and expertise in the following fields: electricity, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), cooling and fire protection, maintenance, digital and ICT, and mechanical engineering, and robotics. Its people carry out their duties in strict compliance with a framework based on three main priorities: safety, ethics and cybersecurity.

Increase the overall performance of projects by optimising the use of data and connectivity

Equans has created several specialist brands, such as Equans Solar & Storage, Equans Data Centers and Equans Nuclear. Equans Digital was created to help increase the overall performance (energy, technical and exploitation) of its customers’ operational facilities. Equans harnesses data and brand-new technology to operate on the high-growth construction, industry, cities and smart networks markets.

Contribute to a low-carbon energy future

To address the challenge of the energy transition, Equans is aiming to consolidate its position all along the energy value chain, primarily in the key fields of decarbonisation, by developing renewable energy infrastructure, upgrading and expanding high- and medium-voltage transmission networks, specialising in low-carbon mobility (electric vehicle charge points, rail electrification and e-highways),helping customers to transition to heat pumps, and by focusing on high-growth markets (such as clean technology, gigafactories and data centres).

Take hyper-specialisation to the next level

Equans helps businesses embrace the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution, from energy efficiency and smart automation, to robotics, mechanics and imaging systems. Drawing on its key capabilities in air and fluid treatment for clean rooms, it is ideally placed to support the growth of the European pharmaceutical, biotechnology and microelectronics industries. Equans’ entities also boast the multi-technical expertise to meet the stringent technical and regulatory standards that apply to nuclear power plants at all stages of their life cycle -construction, operation and decommissioning.

Operational priorities

  • Become the “best and safest place to work” by attracting and hiring talented people with the right skills and by training and retaining its employees.
  • Push ahead with the roll-out of our operational performance plan: increase cash generation and current operating margin (project turnaround, purchasing, pricing, selective approach and efficiency).
  • Expand our activities on high-growth markets, including solar, data centres, digital technology, biotechnologies, etc.
  • Contribute to the effort to preserve our resources by rolling out the “Our planet” plan to minimise our environmental impact.

Our flagship projects

Modernisation of the Leopold II tunnel in Brussels, Belgium
Maintenance and refurbishment of over 40,000 Birmingham City Council properties, UK
Construction of the new main building of the University Medical Centre Radboudumc, The Netherlands
Installation of a GreenPAC high temperature heat pump for CF&R, France
Urban streetlight modernisation project, Washington, US
Biomass replaces gas in a wood-fired power plant in Sisseln, Switzerland

Sales € billion

  • 2022*:
    • International: 5.10
    • France: 2.50
  • 2023:
    • International: 12.30
    • France: 6.50

*2022 figures include Equans in Q4 2022 and Bouygues Energies & Services in full-year 2022, as it contributed to Bouygues Construction.

Current operation profit from activities € million

  • 2022*: 267.00
  • 2023: 545.00

*2022 figures include Equans in Q4 2022 and Bouygues Energies & Services in full-year 2022, as it contributed to Bouygues Construction.

Backlog € billion, at end-december

  • 2022*: 25.90
  • 2023: 24.80

*For easier comparison, Equans’ backlog includes that of Bouygues Energies & Services for 2022.