The Oreka apartment building complex, developed by Bouygues Immobilier, in partnership with the Municipality of Bayonne, combines eco-friendly practices, quality of life and help for first-time buyers
The Oreka apartment building complex (Bayonne), developed by Bouygues Immobilier.

1. Geographical operations strategy

The Group’s decision to establish operations in a particular country is determined by its desire to develop the best products and services and to serve its clients in that country as well as possible. The Group may therefore be present (albeit marginally) in countries viewed as preferential tax jurisdictions. This strategy is driven exclusively by commercial objectives.

2. Fiscal citizenship

The Group does not have an aggressive tax policy. This means it only carries out transactions that have a strictly commercial motivation and are not artificial. The entities used are not based on tax optimisation schemes. The Group pays a substantial amount of taxes and duties both in France and abroad.

3. Compliance with legal requirements and tax laws

The remit and resources of its tax management are structured so as to achieve perfect compliance with evolving regulations in countries where the Group operates.

4. Respect for OECD principles

Intragroup transactions, which are detailed in the transfer pricing documentation, are limited within the Group. They are priced in line with the “principle of free competition” enshrined in OECD recommendations and by the European Union.

5. Relations with local tax authorities

The Group strives to build and maintain constructive relations with local authorities based on mutual respect.

6. Managing tax risk

Tax management seeks to eliminate, to the extent possible, the risk arising from uncertainty or complexity in interpreting laws and regulations, and to defend the Group’s interests while respecting the spirit and letter of the texts and the objective sought by the legislator.

7. Governance

This tax policy is set out at the level of Bouygues SA and has been brought to the attention of the Group’s Board of Directors. The Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers of Group entities, assisted by their tax teams, implement this policy locally. Internal control ensures the correct application of this policy every year and, where relevant, by internal audit as well.

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