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Bouygues is involved in this good citizenship approach and is committed to providing a website that is accessible to people with disabilities and complies with the WCAG 2.0 international accessibility standards.

Accessibility policy

This site has been built in accordance with the web standards defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and specifically with the web content accessibility directives issued as part of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). As a result, this site is accessible to all web users, including senior citizens and disabled people with functional limitations. Having a site that complies with accessibility standards benefits everyone. Advantages include:

  • Site content is logical and hierarchically-organised
  • Pages are generally displayed between 30% and 80% more quickly
  • The site is independent of the user’s web browser

Browser compatibility

This site is compatible with all recent browsers that support HTML 4.01 and CSS 2 and use the XHTML and CSS language and syntax recommended by W3C.

As such this site offers what is best for both recent browsers as well as old-generation browsers.

It is recommended that the following browsers be used:

  • For Mac.OS.X (Macintosh operating system 10): Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox
  • For Windows: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 6, HPR (Home Page Reader) 3.0
  • For Linux: Mozilla Firefox, Opera

Navigation principles

The following browsing tools appear on all pages on the site:

  • Bouygues logo: clicking the logo returns you to the home page from any of the site’s internal pages
  • Priority links in the page footer: contacts, site map, disclaimer, credits and accessibility
  • Ariane’s Thread: identifies the current page and lets you quickly move up one level in the site tree
  • Main menu: shows the site’s main topics and sections. A secondary menu (shown on the left before Ariane’s Thread) lists the topics in a particular section

“Go to…” hyperlinks, which are particularly useful to blind users, are also included at the start of each page on the site.

Text size

Small character fonts can make Internet text difficult to read for some users. This site has been designed to enable the text size to be increased or reduced by using the A+/A- buttons in each page header:

  • Internet Explorer: Select the “View; Text Size” menu option
  • Mozilla Firefox: Select the “View; Text Size” menu option
  • Opera: Select the “View; Zoom” menu option
  • Safari: Select the “View; Make text bigger/Make text smaller” menu option

Note for wheel mouse users: With most browsers, you can increase the text size by pressing a key on the keyboard and scrolling the mouse wheel:

  • Windows: Ctrl + mouse wheel
  • Mac: Apple + mouse wheel

Downloadable PDF documents

This site contains a number of documents that can be downloaded in PDF format with no directly associated accessible version. To read PDF files, you can Download Acrobat Reader.

Alternatively, you can convert the PDF files to the standard HTML format using Adobe’s online conversion engine. To do so, simply copy the address (URL) of the link that points to the PDF document and paste it into the appropriate field in the online conversion utility on the Adobe website (

Reading of the media on the format Flash

Some contents are available on the format Flash. Their consultation requires the download and the installation of a plug-in (small available software) free of charge on internet at the following address: Plug-in Adobe-Macromedia Flash.

(Updated: 12 October 2016)