Bouygues group bond issues

ISIN Code INTEREST RESTvalue (millions)maturityProspectus
FR00132224941.375%750 M€
+250 M€
June 2027Download the document
Download the document
FR00135076541.125%1,000 M€July 2028Download the document
FR0014006CS90.50%800 M€
+200 M€
February 2030Download the document
Download the document
FR001400AJX22,250%1 000M€June 2029Download the document
FR001400AJX23,250%1 000M€June 2037Download the document
1250M€June 2032Download the document
5,375%1000 M€June 2042Download the document
FR0011400IBM53,875%1000 M€July 2031Download the document
ISIN CodeINTEREST RATEVALUE(millions)maturityProspectus
FR00103792555.50 %400 M£ (€595M)October 2026Download the document

Credit ratings

                             Standard & Poor’s                                Moody’s
  Long term Perspective Short term Last publication Long term Perspective Short term Last publication
  A- Negative A-2 11-dec-23 A3 Stable P-2 30-nov-23
  A- Negative A-2


A3 Stable P-2 30-nov-22
  A- CreditWatch negative A-2


A3 Stable P-2 19-sept-22
Bouygues A- CreditWatch negative A-2 10-nov-21 A3 Stable P-2 10-nov-21
A- Negative A-2 08-december-20 A3 Stable P-2 5-jan-21
A- Stable A-2 12-july-19 A3 Stable P-2 6-july-18
BBB+ Positive A-2 12-july-18 BAA1 Positive P-2  7- july -17
BBB+ Positive A-2 27-june-17 BAA1 Stable P-2 03-july-15
BBB Positive A-3 06-june-16 BAA1 Stable P-2 05-march-14
BBB Stable A-3 02-june-14 A3 Négative P-2 07-june-13