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Long live Bouygues’ start-ups!

As the Viva Technology event draws near (15-17 June), the Bouygues group jury has selected 10 civic tech start-ups to take part in the final phase. The three winners will be decided after a direct pitch from each finalist on Thursday, 15 June.

In April, in the context of its involvement in the Viva Technology event held in Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition centre from 15 to 17 June, Bouygues launched an open challenge for start-ups on the theme of new ways of improving community consultation and participation ahead of major urban projects. The Group’s aim in doing so is to discover new ways of taking into account what the future inhabitants of an eco-neighbourhood and local residents expect in terms of infrastructure, transport, housing and services in order to make urban life not only sustainable and desirable but also more human, more civic-minded and more vibrant.

The Bouygues challenge has already been a great success, attracting dozens of entries from start-ups with a wide variety of ideas, spearheading a new generation of entrepreneurs in civic tech, which is the use of new technologies to serve participatory democracy.

The plenary pitch session will take place at 3.30pm on Thursday, 15 June, when each of the ten finalists will have an opportunity to convince the jury and the audience that its solution or proposal will help the Group to better address the issues of community consultation and participation in green urban development. Prizes will be awarded to three of the ten finalists and the winner will be invited to team up with the Group in order to capitalise on its expertise, its creativity and its enthusiasm.

Each of the ten start-ups has a project, a team, a history, a genetic make-up, ambitions, and in some cases also products and ongoing trials. Here are a few words about them.
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take part in a survey and give to a charity

Taking part in a survey can be useful. So can helping a charity. So why not get the best of both worlds? That is exactly what the founders of Abibao thought.

The principle is simple: businesses pay Abibao to carry out a conventional survey to improve their knowledge of their market, consumers and trends. Users of the Abibao platform receive the survey according to their areas of interest.

Concerto by Alter & Go
a digital tool to co-construct urban projects

Alter&Go’s solution is based on a simple conclusion, namely that it is not easy, in 2017, to marshal a large number of viewpoints on an ambitious project. That is because there are large numbers of players to be consulted, they are geographically scattered and they have different lifestyles, visions and interests.

This gave rise to the idea of creating a specific consultation service, “Concerto by Alter & Go” - the first digital platform that promotes co-construction and is compatible with all mandatory and voluntary consultation procedures.

I Wheel Share:
digital technology to help wheelchair users

I Wheel Share maps accessibility black spots for wheelchair users or places that are difficult to negotiate for the sight-impaired, for example.

A finalist of “La France s’engage”, a competition and label created by former President François Hollande, I Wheel Share has garnered many prizes and awards for the strength, generosity and originality of its civic commitment.

the local community consultation platform

Fluicity’s concept is simple: to enable connected citizens – the “consumactors” we have all become – to take part in the daily life of our city or locality in a direct, easy and collaborative way. Users of the app can keep up with what’s happening in real time, enter into dialogue with their local authority and give their feedback.

A resource for 21stcentury digital democracy, Fluicity will help to create a direct link between local residents and their elected officials, giving a foretaste of how the democracies of the future are likely to work.

large-scale collective intelligence

Engaging tens of thousands of people around a co-construction project in the space of a few weeks...What if it weren’t just a dream? Assembl is a digital platform designed by the start-up Bluenove o structure the free expression of large populations (up to tens of thousands of people).

t A highly sophisticated facilitation method, it can harness collective intelligence within a two- to four-month period.

you’re being your neighbours!

Helping out neighbours or people who live in the same place, a feature of rural then city life for centuries, has long been an informal arrangement. Now, Smiile’s app and website have brought services between neighbours into the digital world, whether lending a hand, sharing things,grouping purchases, car pooling and car sharing,

local consumption, shared gardens and everything else that can create or strengthen bonds within the same community. The people at Smiile are convinced that “sharing is the green energy of tomorrow”, not only a source of savings through mutual help but also an inexhaustible social fuel to pursue joint solutions to individual problems.

the civic collective intelligence network

Civocracy has a message: “Don’t let others decide for you.” The start-up enables people to give their opinions on all sorts of local issues, whether deciding the future of their community, a school, a park or a shopping centre or discussing safe streets, property prices, the bus they take every morning or local producers.

Civocracy is a means of addressing all these practical community issues in a local, interactive, democratic, quick and fun way.

Cap Collectif:
the multi-app platform for public and private decision-takers

Cap Collectif defines itself as a civic start-up that develops turnkey participatory applications. In addition, Cap Collectif has developed expertise in how to consult a population about a given issue via easy-to-use applications that enable everyone to express their ideas, their criticisms and their suggestions.

A number of local authorities, NGOs and professional organisations have already integrated Cap Collectif into their decision-making process.

the first platform for choosing local shops

Madeinvote is a crowdsourcing platform which lets people give their opinion on the shops they want to see in their vicinity. In a few clicks, they can choose the next shops for their neighbourhood, vote for retailers’ plans and encourage them to set up near where they live.

In return for their participation, they are kept informed of when the chosen shops will open and benefit from special offers. Madeinvote reinvents shopping “à la carte” and transforms consumers into “consumactors”!

the pods are coming to town!

Comm1possible’s project is to install pods (circular, cocoon-shaped bench-and-table structures) in public places such as squares, pavements and car parks. The pods form small semi-enclosed spaces that lend themselves to consultation, discussion and exchanges about a subject, a project or a particular issue.

The start-up aims to entirely revolutionise the usual methods of consultation by inviting people who live in a street or neighbourhood or locality to come together in a micro-space that is both intimate and open to the outside, where they can talk together freely and move forward to jointly resolve civic issues.

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