Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is central to strategy at the Group, which is adapting its business models so that customers can be offered solutions that make life better for as many people as possible every day.

Updated in 2019, the Bouygues group’s materiality matrixa ranks the Group’s main CSR challenges based on:

  • Their importance for external and internal stakeholderses
  • And their impact on its business operations

Challenges marked in orange colour are those whose impact is set to increase in the coming years

Out of the 18 challenges that stakeholders identified as important, shown in the matrix, four CSR challenges are considered a top priority and already benefit from tangible solutions:

1- Business ethics: Bouygues undertakes to comply with the strictest standards when doing business  

2- Climate risk: the Group has identifi ed the impacts of climate change on its business operations and has responded with a comprehensive, coherent strategy  

3- Quality of customer and user experience: Bouygues offers customers and users a simplifi ed and enjoyable experience

4- Health & safety and quality of life at work: health & safety is among the Group’s highest priorities. Another is keeping up with its employees’ changing needs

Bouygues’ contribution to sustainable development goals

It is Bouygues’ policy to help attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with a focus on these five, which are tightly connected with its core businesses.