Major opportunities for young graduates

The Group’s business segments offer an extensive range of internships and work/study contracts, giving young graduates rich and varied experiences that support their personal and professional development.  

These opportunities often serve as a springboard into their first career role. Internships (lasting between three and six months) and work/study contracts give young people a chance to settle into a team and work on projects alongside employees who are dedicated to imparting their expertise. 

Campus teams in each entity are responsible for onboarding new arrivals and managing the community of interns and people on work/study contracts, helping them to network and share their experiences.  

Work/study contracts are offered across all the Group’s business segments and are open to all regardless of educational background – from those with vocational qualifications to those who have completed postgraduate studies.

Graduate programmes run by Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier and Colas allow participants to learn about the business through a diverse and immersive experience. 

Induction processes that combine serious games, MOOCs and other digital tools with on-site events are used widely across Group entities.

Forging closer relations is at the heart of our graduate recruitment actions via the strong presence of our HR and operational teams at forums, challenges and hackathons, and through our sponsorship of student intakes….as a away of showcasing our business segments and career opportunities within the Group to the younger generations.

Group entities make sure that the young people they recruit are given a proper welcome. Induction days with project presentations, conversations with employees, site visits and mentoring are all designed to help interns, work/study students and graduates become familiar with the world of work.

Thousands of talented people come to work for us each year as interns, apprentices and young graduates, and on work/study contracts.

Whatever your profile or ambitions, find out more about the opportunities that await you.


people on work/study contract in 2022


interns in 2022

Colas Team Cup – Student competition

Close ties with the academic world

In 2022, in France alone, the Group maintained partnerships with over 30 academic institutions, including Essec, Supélec and the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers, making it a primary contact on all issues connected with innovation and sustainable development.

Bouygues Immobilier and TF1 ranked first in the property and media sectors, respectively, in the 2022 annual survey of companies most popular with students and graduates (HarrisInteractive/L’étudiant/Epoka).

In 2022, Bouygues Construction maintained its partnerships with Insa Strasbourg, ESITC Paris and EPF, enabling it to stay in close contact with engineering students and to help these institutions adapt their curricula to the requirements of new professions and business practices. In the Asia-Pacific region, Dragages Hong Kong worked with several universities to support the government-subsidised STEM (sciences, technology, engineering and maths) programme.

Graduate recruitment at Colas is underpinned by robust partnerships with universities and other academic institutions. In 2022, partnerships were renewed with the engineering schools Arts & Métiers ParisTech, CentraleSupélec, Ecam La Salle, ENPC, ENTPE, ESITC Paris, ESTP, Icam, Junia HEI Lille and Mines-Télécom Nord Europe (IMT Nord Europe).

To attract new talents, in 2022 Colas held the first-ever student version of the Colas Team Cup, a global sporting event usually reserved for employees.