A strategy of innovation for the benefit of users

Innovation and Elab, the Group’s innovation unit

Bouygues’ strategy in the field of innovation is focused on delivering services that provide real benefits to users. The aim is to make the daily lives of the Group’s customers, partners and employees simpler. It is also to improve its productivity and boost stakeholder satisfaction by creating sustainable solutions.


Active patents held by the Bouygues group, of which nine filed in 2021*

*The Group has been at the initiative of many other innovations that cannot be legally protected.

Harnessing the potential of technology

The Bouygues group has pinpointed four technologies that it believes will shape its businesses:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) can provide effective decision-support to many of the Group’s business segments. For instance, by analysing physical data from a site, as well as regulations and environmental factors, AI can optimise the building potential of land and facilitate interaction between the stakeholders in a property development project (developers, architects, consultancy firms and local authorities).
  • of high-risk areas on road networks through the analysis of vehicle behaviour.
  • The Internet of Things, combined with Big Data, can harvest and analyse data on an enormous scale for the predictive identification of high-risk areas on road networks through the analysis of vehicle behaviour.
  • With virtual and augmented reality, it is possible to interact in real time with digital elements that have been added to a live view. For example, brands can insert advertising into a television show without interrupting it. With BIM (Building Information Modelling), 3D can be used to represent a whole range of data used in the design and construction of a structure and simulate its behaviour.
  • Finally, blockchain, by making flows more secure, will facilitate the creation of new services by simplifying transaction processes. For instance, it is currently being used to ensure more secure, transparent and faster signing of complex contracts.

Supporting the transformation 

  • Creating ground-breaking products and services for customers based on new sustainable business models. Since 2021 Bouygues Construction has been developing 20 “Build-to-Rent” programmes. These are fully-serviced, ready-to-rent homes built with urban families and households in mind, providing occupants with a better quality of life at a competitive cost. Also in 2021, Bouygues Immobilier launched the “Majorelle” project, a new range of affordable, modular housing units that can be adapted as families grow.
  • Testing and providing solutions to facilitate the ecological transition. Bouygues Energies & Services and PowiDian are collaborating to explore growth opportunities and identify use cases in the emerging green hydrogen market.
  • Digitising processes and optimising materials for the Construction businesses. Colas’ Grid2BIM project is on-line software that uses deep learning algorithms to convert underground network plans into very precise 3D-compatible models, thus reducing lead times and costs.

Supporting the transformation 

In a context where small agile companies can disrupt entire ecosystems, Elab supports the Group’s subsidiaries with their transformation.

By applying nimble methods focused on uses, such as design thinking, business model canvas, C/K method and value quadrant, we help our customers carry out their business transformation:

  • Creation and launch of new products and services or innovative business activities.
  • Business transformation, by helping to adapt the core business to new market opportunities (new technologies, new customer demands, new competitors).

ByTech is an in-house community of IT, digital and innovation employees.

Monitoring of technological advances worldwide

Bouygues Asia

Bouygues Asia was originally set up in Tokyo in 2002 as a subsidiary of Bouygues Telecom within the framework of the partnership with leading Japanese telecoms operator NTT Docomo. Today, Bouygues Asia represents the interests of the entire Group. This multicultural entity monitors the key players in Asia’s innovation ecosystem and offers assistance to the Group’s business segments and to customers outside the Group wishing to look for partnerships.


Winnovation is a Group subsidiary based in the US responsible for meeting companies or start-ups with which strategic partnerships can be formed. Winnovation also helps its customers with partnership negotiations. This unit also actively monitors US markets for developments in the domains of technology, marketing and strategy.