A community open to all

BYTECH is an open, welcoming, and freely accessible community based on the Group’s core values of Respect, Imparting expertise, Creativity and Trust whose diverse and expert members are both a source of strength and a precious resource.
In the belief that shared feedback, combined with regular presentations of our strategies, solutions and projects, is the best away of going forward together whilst mutually benefiting each other, our actions are based on four main strands:

  • Innovation through the constant pursuit of new practices and technologies
  • Career path – each and every member follows a diverse and adaptable career path and is encouraged to change jobs between the Group’s business segments
  • Openness towards academic institutions and partners to increase the Group’s appeal amongst young people and promote multiple and diverse business activities within the Bouygues group
  • Value creation in order to boost product quality for customers via new methodologies whilst ensuring that work is carried out an integrated way between teams in the business segments


Founding of Bytech

A community serving the Group’s interests

By introducing and designing new digital tools and techniques, we are transforming and improving all expertise within the Bouygues group.
BYTECH is a strategic community that provides support to all the Bouygues group’s business segments to move towards models that are more in line with the future outlook and our customers’ requirements. Big data, IoT, LowTech, Cloud computing and IT security are amongst the challenges of the future upon which the BYTECH community is currently working. 
BYTECH is therefore a source of innovation as well
as an entity providing ground-breaking solutions. As curious, daring and vocal technophiles, we innovate, design, adapt and assess our solutions in the field and then implement them.
We cooperate very closely with teams in the business segments to design solutions adapted to their needs. To comply with our standards of excellence and with the Group’s values, we develop projects by using agile methods that are more in line with the challenges of the modern world. Our projects are developed jointly with top-notch international partners. 
If you are interested in taking part in building the world of tomorrow, why not join the Bouygues group’s BYTECH community?

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