Respect, the Group’s paramount value

The Group’s employees are its strongest asset. Their dedication is the source of our success. Respect is paramount to living and working together harmoniously. It breeds motivation and fosters pride in being part of the Group. Respect drives performance and motivates our people to work responsibly for the benefit of our customers.

Trust: the cornerstone of our business

Our Group is highly decentralised. Trust is therefore essential to ensure its growth as it nurtures our entrepreneurial culture. As a result our business segments are able to operate with a great deal of freedom, thus allowing decisions to be made at the grassroots level.

For us, an organisation based on trust means that our people:
• are open and transparent in their dealings with others, are rewarded for demonstrating initiative, give their time generously and share in their successes;
• learn from their successes and failures, and
• have the space and freedom to push boundaries and do things differently.

Creativity: how we rise to human and technical challenges

Creativity is fundamental to our successes and a source of motivation. It gives the opportunity to our people to propose innovative and differentiating solutions. When they have the freedom to be creative and have the resources to act, they are empowered to take the initiative:
• As curious, innovative and dedicated employees, they use innovative thinking to design original and sustainable products and services that meet our customers’ expectations and help us maintain our competitive edge.
• Regardless of their role and position, they put their talent to work for the good of the entire Group – and for the benefit of society as a whole.

Imparting expertise, the key to future success

Experience is key and makes all the difference in our business activities, making us more competitive. At Bouygues, sharing our knowledge and values, particularly through our guild orders, is how we succeed as a team.

For us, imparting expertise means:
• sharing our knowledge, our experience and the values that unite and drive us forward;
• supporting our colleagues and helping them to develop, and
• maintaining intergenerational bonds and promoting a fraternal attitude.
This strong culture of imparting expertise spreads out into our ecosystem of business partners, bringing benefits for the Group’s people, our customers and
society at large.

What do we do ?

Our purpose is to make people’s lives better. We do this by entrusting responsibility to people driven by a thirst for excellence and challenge

Our mindset, which is firmly based on making progress become reality, is founded on the three principles of respect, trust and fairness. This strength is widely recognised and appreciated within the Group.

ourselves and to make the world a better place for as many people as possible. We believe that progress for progress’s sake, without any ultimate aim, is just a meaningless technical feat. People are therefore at the core of what we do. We put innovation to work for our customers. And we take pride in our employees, who work hard to make life better every day. Our aim, therefore, is to facilitate career advancement for all employees to give them the best chance of adjusting and adapting to a changing world and to flourish professionally.

At Bouygues, people are our most important resource. Since their motivation and competence are key to our success and progress, the quality of human interaction is fundamental(....)

Taken from the Group Human Resources Charter