Respect is a key value for the Group, because we believe that each and every person is important. Respect shines through every day in our employees’ exemplary conduct, in their commitment to keeping their word and to ethical behaviour, and in the care they take to ensure everyone’s safety.


Trust is essential to the running of Bouygues, since our business segments – Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier, Colas, Equans, TF1 and Bouygues Telecom – all enjoy a large amount of freedom in conducting business and managing operations.


Without creativity, there can be no innovation. At Bouygues, we rely on creativity to develop
ground-breaking solutions that meet our customers’ expectations and help us maintain our competitive edge. It enriches our employees’ work, galvanises motivation and boosts their sense of initiative.

Imparting expertise

Learning, developing and imparting expertise are what drive relations between our people and strengthen intergenerational bonds. And our success depends on our employees imparting their skills and expertise to others.

What do we do ?

Our purpose is to make people’s lives better. We do this by entrusting responsibility to people driven by a thirst for excellence and challenge

Our mindset, which is firmly based on making progress become reality, is founded on the three principles of respect, trust and fairness. This strength is widely recognised and appreciated within the Group.

ourselves and to make the world a better place for as many people as possible. We believe that progress for progress’s sake, without any ultimate aim, is just a meaningless technical feat. People are therefore at the core of what we do. We put innovation to work for our customers. And we take pride in our employees, who work hard to make life better every day. Our aim, therefore, is to facilitate career advancement for all employees to give them the best chance of adjusting and adapting to a changing world and to flourish professionally.

At Bouygues, people are our most important resource. Since their motivation and competence are key to our success and progress, the quality of human interaction is fundamental(....) 

Taken from the Group Human Resources Charter