Sustainable construction and research into environmental solutions are a key focus of innovation at Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier and Colas.

AT Bouygues Construction

R&D revolves around four priorities:


Seeking tangible solutions to the climate emergency, with a particular focus on research into low-carbon materials, energy-efficient buildings and the circular economy.


Supporting the transformation of urban environments by developing methods for building better and faster in order to plan ahead for the impacts of these changes.


Rethinking production-related business practices as a way to reduce lead times, cut costs, improve quality, and enhance safety and ergonomics for site workers.


Harnessing digital technologies, with a special emphasis on data, which underpins all Bouygues Construction projects.

We place innovation at the heart of our model in order to address the major challenges that our customers, society and regions face. Our top priorities include keeping pace with emerging trends and new practices, ramping up our solutions to environmental challenges and increasing our operational effectiveness. We want our innovation to be both visionary and practical, so that it can strike the right balance between dreaming big and actual implementation in the field. Therefore, innovation has two roles – drawing on digital technology, it nurtures strategy, by playing a genuinely pioneering role, and then makes it reality by providing solutions that can be quickly tested and rolled out.

A 3D printed house


innovation through design

Our innovations must help address many different challenges in all domains. They are therefore completely integrated into our business segments, which offer ground-breaking property solutions that are fully useful and focused on providing services in order to:

  • Minimise our negative impacts on the environment
  • Maximise our positive impacts in the field and in our methods
  • Make living spaces engaging and conducive to positive experiences

Our aim is not only to build efficient buildings but also to shift to experiential property developments by designing places for harmonious and generous living that have a long-lasting positive impact on the lives of our customers and on whole neighbourhoods too.


R&D is a key driver of Colas’ strategy

Helping it to cater to the current and future demands of its stakeholders as effectively as possible. At Colas, R&D has two aims:

  • Optimising current products in accordance with changing needs
  • Designing new products 

In line with the Group’s Climate strategy, preserving the environment is a major focus of R&D work at Colas and forms part of its comprehensive policy in favour of sustainable development. Research is based on the principle of continuous improvement along the entire production, construction and maintenance chain, covering the full range of activities from extraction of raw materials to the end of a road’s service life.

Research programmes include the following obligations:

  • Better management of natural resources,
  • Lower energy consumption,
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Increased recycling of industrial and worksite waste,
  • Development of environmentally-friendly products and methods.