Through its business in the energy transition sector, Equans helps customers reduce their carbon footprints. Through its involvement in customers’ infrastructures and buildings, at a local level, Equans optimises production and operation processes.

Founded in 2021 and acquired by Bouygues in 2022, Equans is currently drawing up its Climate strategy.

The greater part of Equans’ Scope 1 and 2 emissions in France are due to:

The fuel used by its vehicle pool: Equans has introduced a policy for decarbonising it, aiming for 30% electric vehicles by 2026 and 80% by 2031, compared to just 5% in 2022;

The buildings the company uses: a property strategy currently being rolled out aims to select assets with a high level of energy efficiency, and overall energy-efficiency is currently under review (monitoring and reduction of consumption).





For the Bouygues group, 75% of upstream scope 3a GHS emissions are due to purchasing. The services offered by Equans provide customers with decarbonisation solutions, such as the recovery of waste heat, low-carbon transport solutions, the installation and maintenance of energy-efficient equipment, and the production of renewable energy. Equans’ business operations result in lower emissions for customers.

To sum up, Equans helps customers:

– Use less: energy sufficiency, energy efficiency of buildings (France’s ‘Non-Residential Energy Savings’ decree, etc.)

– To be greener (photovoltaics, hydrogen, heat pumps)

Operate more flexibly: demand response plans, building management and control systems, adaptability (storage, smart grids, etc.).

Through energy-performance contracts (EPC), Equans guarantees optimum operation of infrastructures and control of its customers’ energy-requirement costs. Equans also has recognised expertise in the complex nuclear sector (construction, maintenance, control, instrumentation).


  • Since 2021 Equans has had consultant Carbone 4 perform a carbon-footprint analysis for its GHG emissions in France, all scopes combined. The same analysis is currently being carried out for all Equans businesses around the world.
  • In addition to measuring its carbon footprint, Equans has specified its short-term GHG-emissions reduction targets in accordance with SBTi recommendations and has identified the drivers for achieving them.
  • The Procurement department organises meetings with the Group’s main suppliers to learn about their respective commitments regarding decarbonisation.
  • The Energy Efficiency Plan offering has been developed for rapidly earmarking opportunities for making energy savings and defining an appropriate work plan.
  • Equans France rolled out its energy-efficiency plan in 2022 and signed up for the Ecowatt Charter proposed by France’s power grid operator RTE. This led to initiatives such as setting heating temperatures to 19°C, installing LED lighting, reprogramming automatic scheduling of HVAC systems and lighting, etc.


Heat pumps using ammonia, an environmentally friendly natural coolant


Introduction of the IMPACT global performance plan for sustainable development


Organisation of the first session of the Equans Empowering Innovation Awards


Introduction of Equans Digital (hub for entities specialising in ICT and digital technology) whose objective is to help customers boost their performance through digital transition.