The remuneration policy, which is tailored to each employee and based on merit, is an integral part of our genetic make-up.

Each business segment, depending on the country, has a remuneration and perks policy aimed at underpinning the individual and collective performance of its teams: voluntary and compulsory profit-sharing schemes, additional employee benefits, pension savings plans, a thirteen month’s pay, top-up contributions from the employer and social and cultural activities.

There are four major components of our remuneration policy

  • give employees a share in the company’s profits 
  • ensure fair pay 
  • offer a comprehensive system of remuneration
  • tailor remuneration policies to professions, specific profiles and geographies

Employee share ownership

Sharing the value created with its people and encouraging employee share ownership have always been high on Bouygues’ agenda.  As early as 1989, the Group set up a company savings scheme (PEE), with the level of employer top-up contributions raised on regular occasions. Over the past 20 years or more it has introduced several employee-reserved capital increases. Bouygues is in fact the CAC 40 company with the highest level of employee share ownership.

Similar arrangements are on offer in other countries. In the UK, Bouygues Construction has “ShareBY” and Colas UK has the Colas UK Share Incentive Plan. Switzerland and Hong Kong also offer employee share ownership.




Group employees own 21.3% of Bouygues’ capital (through various mutual funds)


Group employees hold 30.5% of Bouygues’ voting rights (through various mutual funds)


Current and former employees hold shares through the company savings scheme


The first compulsory profit-sharing agreement was signed