The group’s pledges

We are rolling out a Diversity and Inclusion Policy across our six business segments – Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier, Colas, Equans, TF1 and Bouygues Telecom. This policy is sculpted on ethical values, which are a cornerstone of our HR policy. Our approach is based on five major challenges:






Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy mirrors the pledges made by the Bouygues group, which has signed the Diversity Charter, the Manifesto for the occupational integration of people with disabilities and the #StOpE initiative to fight casual sexism in the workplace.


We believe that our differences make us stronger. We want to create an inclusive and respectful workplace, whatever our employees’ backgrounds.
Everyone should be able to express themselves in an environment of trust, demonstrate their talents, grow, and thereby contribute to Bouygues’ success.

“We want all our employees to play their part in a Group that is driven by strong values and exemplary ethics.”


Group Senior Vice-President and Director of Human Resources

The Group is taking proactive steps and making binding commitments both in France and worldwide: this is opening up real opportunities for the Group. Such action will make it possible to:

  • Tap into the full range of skills and resources at the Group’s disposal to support the growth of our businesses
  • Better meet our customers’ needs
  • Evolve in a more effective way
  • Foster innovation and creative thinking
  • Enrich our corporate culture
  • Attract and retain talented people
  • Live up to the promises made to our job applicants


A 59.7%

increase in the number of people with disabilities hired in France in 2022 vs. 2021

Our disability policy

For several years now, we have been rolling out a policy that facilitates the recruitment and professional development of people with disabilities. They must, without difficulty, be able to:

  • access all the career opportunities offered by the Group
  • be included in all the company’s business lines

Knowing how to recruit, onboard and offer long-term support to those with visible or non-visible disabilities is one of our key challenges. The Group and its business segments run awareness and communication campaigns on the theme of disability for all employees.

Bouygues’ Disability Policy is therefore a steadfast foundation for learning, making it possible to change attitudes towards differences.

Group objectives:

Support the employment of those with disabilities by recruiting, demonstrating our commitment, raising awareness and sharing information and messages on the subject.



Status* given to the Group by the securities portfolio management company

La Financière Responsable in June 2023

(*) definition of “Leader”: an actor who shows themselves to be wholeheartedly committed across all seven sections of the La Financière Responsable questionnaire, and who has implemented a clear and stringent Disability Policy

Starting B. : The very beginning

Bouygues gave fresh impetus to its disability-friendly policy in 2021. Called “Starting B.” (in reference to starting blocks and the B of Bouygues), this Group initiative implements our awareness-raising actions on the theme of disability with the help of parasports athlete ambassadors.

The initiative invites employees to look at disability from a different angle so that everyone can find a place for themselves in the workplace.

The Starting B. ambassadors

Bouygues is supporting four parasports athletes whose journeys and personalities can serve as inspiration to us all and encourage us to go above and beyond. They will continue to embody the goals that we have integrated into our Disability Policy, through the “Starting B.” initiative, until 2024.

Nantenin KEITA

She is a core member of France’s para athletics team, a four times medal winner at the Paralympics, including a gold in Rio in 2016, and a three times champion at both world and European championships. Nantenin Keita was born albino with a visual impairment. She works as a Quality of Life and Working Conditions officer for a French social security company in the Paris region. She is also president of the Salif Keita Foundation, which works to improve the lives of albinos in Africa.


Gwladys Lemoussu took the bronze medal in the para triathlon at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and finished 6th at the Tokyo Paralympics. Despite having undergone an amputation of the lower left arm, she is extremely ambitious and overflows with energy. Her motto is: “Nothing is impossible”. This is particularly true when it comes to getting onto the winners’ podium for triathlon (swimming, cycling, running). She has won the French championships eight times and has been a top-three finisher in 39 international events. Gwladys Lemoussu loves to train on the roads of the Vendée and Allier departments of central France. We can rest assured that this sparkling champion will give her best at the 2024 Paris games.

Typhaine SOLDÉ

Typhaine Soldé became a para athlete in 2016, when she had to have her lower leg amputated at the age of 11, after falling victim to an aggressive form of cancer. She first did judo when able-bodied, then became a handball player (as a goalkeeper with a prosthetic limb). She is now a sprinter, long-jumper and, at 20 years of age, one of the brightest hopes in French para athletics. In 2021, she took 9th place in the Tokyo Paralympics and 5th in the European Championships. She is currently on a work-study placement at Bouygues Immobilier in the department of Maine-et-Loire in central France.


MClaire Supiot has won national championships multiple times in able-bodied events. She is also a European champion, has twice won bronze at world championships, and holds a world record for 100m freestyle swimming (S8 category). In 2009, she was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. After competing as an able-bodied swimmer in the Seoul Olympics, Claire’s hard work paid off and, 33 years later, she was a finalist in the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics. The para athlete is also a disability officer for the Maine-et-Loire departmental council in France and is preparing for the 2024 Paris games. The town of Angers is where her heart is.

The Bouygues group is offering its financial support to these four athletes.

Starting B. :
Listen to their stories!


We want to inspire our employees throughout the year and change attitudes towards visible and non-visible disabilities, particularly the views of those in charge of recruitment.

In October 2022, we decided to launch a collection of inspiring podcasts presented by the journalist Annabelle Baudin. This collection is available on several streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

In these podcasts, these high-level parasports athletes tell their stories and highlight the qualities that contributed to their sporting success and enabled them to achieve their goals.

Three new podcasts

After the Starting B. ambassadors (Nantenin Keita, Gwladys Lemoussu, Typhaine Soldé and Claire Supiot), three Bouygues employees, who are all high-level parasports athletes, are joining the podcast collection.

Alexis Hanquinquant, Jean-Christophe Rambeau and Audrey Cayol harnessed their tenacity and passion for life to start over after their accidents and achieve their goals.


A Bouygues Construction employee

Alexis Hanquinquant is a multi-medal winning para athlete who won gold at the European Triathlon Championships in 2023. He is five times PTS4 world champion and won a gold medal at the 2021 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Alexis currently works in the Health & Safety Prevention department at Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest (Rouen).

Jean-Christophe RAMBEAU

An Equans employee

Jean-Christophe is a sitting volleyball champion, member of the French sitting volleyball team and an Equans works supervisor in Montpellier. He also founded the charity Tiik Taak Boom.

Audrey CAYOL

A Bouygues Telecom employee

A silver-medallist in France for wheelchair basketball in 2022, Audrey Cayol represented her country that same year during the world championships. She has participated at the Paralympics since 2004 in Athens. Audrey is now a member of the French wheelchair basketball team and a Bouygues Telecom sales advisor in the Paris region.

Scan the QR code or follow the link to listen to the podcasts (in French only):

IlThey are in a period of intense training for the 2024 Paralympics in Paris
in the hope that they will qualify.

The “Listen to our stories” film

Starting B. : Because everything begins with a drop of inspiration

Production: Dragon Rouge/Laurent JAMET

Other Starting B. successes

Hello Handicap forum

In 2023, the Bouygues group held the “Hello Handicap” digital job fair with all its business segments (Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier, Colas, Equans, TF1 and Bouygues Telecom) for the first time.

The digital job fair kicked off on 16 February 2023 and was aimed at recruiting people with disabilities. It offered over 1,000 permanent, fixed-term and apprenticeship vacancies. All those who applied on-line were able to clinch a job interview with one of the 100 Group recruitment officers who took part in the event.

The Group is continuing its efforts to raise awareness and train its employees on the theme of diversity.

Round table

On 18 November 2022, the four Starting B. ambassadors, Nantenin Keita, Gwladys Lemoussu, Typhaine Soldé and Claire Supiot, took part in a round table event to share their inspiring stories. Jean-Manuel Soussan, Group Senior Vice-President and Director of Human Resources, joined them for the occasion, which took place in the auditorium of the Bouygues group’s head office in Paris.

The event was broadcast live to Bouygues Construction and Bouygues Telecom employees via Teams.


On 17 June 2023, Alexis Sanchez, an Equans employee and parasport rowing champion, shared his experience during a round table event called “Sport and business: my life as a high-level athlete” which was organised by the Group at ParisExpo and open to the public.

Bouygues at #VivaTech 2023

at the 2023 WORLD para athlEtiCS CHAMPIONSHIPS

The Para Athletics World Championships took place from 8 to 17 July at the Charlety stadium in Paris. Employees, who are enthusiastic Starting B. ambassadors, were able to have a behind-the-scenes private tour of the stadium and meet para athletes and coaches.

Starting B. : 2023 world para athletics championships

Our six business segments have also rolled out a variety of initiatives under the Starting B.

banner: round table events, displays, film screenings and publications.

Grow with us

Are you currently recruiting for Bouygues?

  • Don’t hesitate to meet the applicants sent by your HR officer.
  • Put them at ease and be natural!
  • Focus on the person’s qualities, skills and experience. Remember that it is against the law to ask what kind of disability they have.
  • Familiarise yourself with your company’s Disability Policy. If you want to broach the subject of disability during an interview, ask your HR officer for advice: they will help you to navigate the topic to best support the recruit’s arrival and adapt the job role or environment if necessary.
  • If in doubt, speak to your HR officer!

Are you living with a disability? Would you like to join the Group?

Go for it, like Nantenin, Gwladys, Typhaine and Claire!

“My experience has taught me that you should never stop believing in yourself and that you shouldn’t set yourself limits.
(…) so, go for it”

Nantenin KEITA

Hello Handicap with Bouygues 2023

“I always try to seize opportunities. In fact, that’s how I approached the recruitment process at Bouygues Immobilier and they ended up hiring me.
They put their trust in me.”

Typhaine SOLDÉ

Hello Handicap with Bouygues 2023

“Don’t be shy: go for it!”


Hello Handicap with Bouygues 2023

“Trust your instincts and go for it!”


Hello Handicap with Bouygues 2023

Bouygues is hiring. 4,473 job vacancies






uNIVERSAl REGISTRATION DOCUMENT, extra-financial performance declaration SOCIAL SECTION




inter-company #StOpE


Manifesto for the occupational integration for people with disabilities