This think-tank working towards the decarbonisation of the economy.

It comprises a multidisciplinary network of scientists and industry representatives acknowledged for their experience in energy and climate change issues.
The purpose of this think-tank is to issue economically viable and scientifically sound proposals to policymakers. The Bouygues group is also a partner in Ideas Laboratory®, a think tank bringing together experts, business leaders and researchers to carry out intelligence monitoring on the theme of the city of the future. Hosted by the CEA in Grenoble, Ideas Laboratory® works to develop innovative projects meeting the societal challenges of tomorrow. Research includes the “bio-inspired resilient city” project, which aims to reduce urban heat islands through nature-inspired solutions.

Fewer heat islands means more comfortable living conditions in the summer and reduced energy needs. Bouygues Immobilier and Bouygues Bâtiment Île-de-France, both members of the Low-Carbon Building Association (BBCA), are participating in the development of the BBCA label, which promotes low-carbon buildings, by submitting candidate projects.

As it seeks to make headway on artificial intelligence (AI), the Bouygues group has joined AI Impact, a think and do tank founded by Microsoft. The world’s leading tech companies – Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and, of course, Microsoft – are all investing heavily in this up-and-coming technology, and are setting up open, participative innovation ecosystems in order to identify potential partners and showcase their achievements. As a member of this Microsoft-led initiative, which launched in Paris, the Bouygues group has access to the technology giant’s extensive knowledge and resources on the technical, practical and ethical aspects of AI.



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