A vibrant eco-system with unique advantages 

To boost its innovation potential, Bouygues can call on its vast global ecosystem, spanning over 80 countries and bringing together internal and external partners.

  • Two technology intelligence offices: Winnovation in San Francisco and Bouygues Asia in Tokyo
  • Partnerships with the best universities worldwide such as MIT
  • Active dialogue with over 1,300 start-ups
  • Investments in promising start-ups through five institutional funds* run by the Group
  • Participation in forward-looking, innovative initiatives such as Futura Mobility, which brings together companies operating along the mobility value chain, and AI Impact , a think-and-action tank that investigates the ethical and societal issues posed by artificial intelligence and sponsors innovative, difference-making projects.

    This structure is fertile ground for generating fresh ideas and developing new types of business.

*Construction Venture at Bouygues Construction, Colas Innovation Board (CIB), Bouygues Immobilier Research and Development (BIRD), One Innovation at TF1 and Bouygues Telecom Initiatives.





Find out more about the six sources of innovation within the Group

1. Research and development

GOALS: to improve and develop new products

3. Minority interests in start-ups

GOALS: to identify new technologies and new business models early on, enhance existing products and services and draw inspiration from agile working methods

2. Employee-Led innovation

GOALS: to share best practices and contribute to continuous improvement

4. Intrapreneurship

GOALS: to develop new ground-breaking activities as well as complementary products and services 

5. Acquisition of companies

GOALS: to develop and expand the business segments’ activities with new technologies and innovative business models 

6. Partnerships

GOALS: to co-develop new products and services and to enhance existing products and services through a broad range of partnerships