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Bouygues is a diversified services group operating in fast-growing markets. Present in over 80 countries, it draws on the expertise of its people and on the diversity of its business activities to meet its customers’ essential needs. By offering innovative services and solutions, Bouygues aims to make life better every day.

The Bouygues group: six business segments and four sectors of activity

Our six business segments: both diverse and complementary at the same time.

The Bouygues group’s business segments drive growth over the long term because they all meet essential needs for housing, transportation, communication, information and entertainment.

4 sectors of activity : Construction, Energies and services, Media and Telecoms

Backed by a shared culture, our six business segments embody four strengths that shape the identity of our unique Group.

Construction businesses
Bouygues Construction
(since 1986)
Energies and services
(since 2022)
(since 1987)

Our strengths

1. Dedicated employees

The Bouygues group’s people are its most important resource, whether they are working individually or as part of a team to offer the best services and products to customers. They bring an unparalleled sense of dedication, passion and duty to their responsibilities and, drawing on a strong Group culture, they openly embrace challenge and adhere to high standards of quality.

2. High value-added products and services

Bouygues aims to create and share value over the long term. Thanks to its technical expertise, experience, creativity and permanent drive for innovation, the Group is able to support its customers with their complex infrastructure and sustainable construction projects. The diversity of the Group’s business segments helps to unlock synergies when working on common themes that aim to address a variety of future services. As a result, Bouygues can offer very high value added full-service solutions.

3. Spans the entire value chain

The Group’s business segments adhere to high standards of operational excellence and efficiency to span the entire value chain. Thanks to their expertise, know-how, and customer-centric and attentive attitude, the people in each business segment can offer the solutions that are most suited to their customers’ needs.

4. A selective long-term presence worldwide

From its strong foothold in France, the Group began to expand abroad from the 1980s. It has pursued a long-term and selective expansion since then whilst complying with its risk management standards at the same time. The international market offers growth opportunities for the Group.