Inducting and training young employees 

The Gustave Eiffel apprentice training centre (CFA), which is supported by the Group, prepares students for vocational examinations in construction, electrical engineering and service trades. This is a major springboard towards enriching and diversified careers within our business segments. In June 2022, it achieved an exam pass rate of 90%. In total, 30% of the students hosted joined Bouygues Construction or Colas entities. The centre enrolled 524 people on work/study contracts for the new school year starting in September 2022.

Developing core skills 

Our Corporate Universities and Campuses in the business segments provide training programmes in various fields of expertise. Special emphasis is given to health & safety issues, which remain a central concern of our construction businesses.

Digitising training courses 

Digital training provision has expanded at pace in recent years, with the development of new, on-line tools and the delivery of content through various formats such as virtual classes, chats, webinars and e-learning modules.

As part of their business plans, all Group business segments have rolled out on-line training platforms, hosting both open-access content and targeted resources for employees.

Three key objectives underpin this approach: to offer customised learning opportunities, to widen access to more diversified content, and to boost employability by enhancing employees’ core skills.

Global training provision  

As a global Group, we provide training programmes to our employees in every part of the world. 

On-line customised training, in line with developments at the Group, is on offer within Bouygues Construction and Colas, for example.

In 2022, Bouygues Construction launched the ByLe@rn application to help employees access training content while on the move. In Morocco, Bymaro ran a course for internal instructors in order to broaden the international scope of its training catalogue.

Since 2021, Colas has given employees access to on-line language lessons. Over 7,500 training resources are available on an unlimited basis in nine languages. Following its success in 2021, the solution was made available again in 2022. Colas has also created a global catalogue encompassing the training available from different countries.

In 2022, the reach of Colas University was expanded so that courses could be dispensed at various hubs including Canada, the US, France and Hungary.

The Bouygues Management Institute (IMB) 

Martin Bouygues founded IMB in 1999 in order to provide training to 500 Group managers and, in doing so, to foster a sense of community among this group.

At IMB seminars, managers are invited to reflect on current and future challenges, to share practices, and to give serious thought to the Group’s values and ethical commitments. These group sessions are a chance for participants to learn about the Group’s business segments and to connect with managers from other entities. This experience encourages innovation and instils a clearer understanding of the Group’s strategic priorities.


employees completed a training course in 2022

Helping our employees gain future-ready skills

The Group key pledges on decarbonising its business models and ramping up the roll-out of low-carbon products and services. The Group’s people will be at the forefront of this transformation.

Delivering on these pledges will require concerted action on two fronts: helping employees keep pace with changes in their professions, and launching a collaborative and collective drive to implement this strategy.

The Group has stepped up training on climate-related challenges in recent years, as well as rolling out targeted provision to address specific requirements in some of its business segments. 

Examples: Bouygues Construction’s WeWood Academy programme gives employees a chance to sharpen their timber construction skills.(lien vers partie RSE). The Group is determined to ensure that all employees are aware of the climate-related challenges Bouygues faces, and how it is responding. Colas has also expanded its training to include courses on topics such as worksite waste management, while TF1 rolls out plans to train up employees to apply eco-friendly principles to TV content production.

This approach aligns fully with our climate pledges and initiatives, as well as helping us to attract and retain a new generation of environmentally conscious employees.