Bouygues proactively applies environmentally responsible principles in its purchasing and outsourcing. It aims to select partners offering products and services that innovate in technology, the environment and society.

CSE Charter for suppliers and subcontractors

The Group-wide CSR Charter for Suppliers and Subcontractors, which was introduced in 2009, is applicable worldwide and was updated in 2022, sets out the key commitments that must be upheld by companies wanting to do business with the Group. This document is appended to orders and/or contracts managed by the parent company and by the purchasing departments of its five business segments.

Failure to uphold these rules can lead to measures up to and including termination of the contract. The Bouygues group uses a range of resources – including the “EcoVadis” platform and the Acesia (Afnor Certification) – to assess the CSR performance of suppliers and subcontractors that have signed master service agreements with its business segments. This means that suppliers and subcontractors can be included in remedial measures. From 2020 to 2022, 12,536 CSR assessments have been carried out.


of spending by TF1 (and its subsidiaries) is with suppliers assessed by “EcoVadis”1

[1] A collaborative platform that provides sustainability ratings of suppliers for global supply chains.

Engaging with suppliers

Each business segment ensures, through external audits, that their suppliers uphold the CSR obligations incumbent upon them.

BouEach of the Group’s business segments works with its suppliers and subcontractors to promote responsible practices. For instance, Bouygues Telecom wrote to its main suppliers inviting them to join it in shaping a more sustainable digital future that addresses the new ecological challengesr.

The Group’s construction businesses – Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier and Colas – have all developed guides to low-carbon solutions for buyers, engineers, and for their customers. They have also launched a partnership initiative with their suppliers and subcontractors to identify practical carbon-reduction options.

All of the business segments have scheduled supplier conventions in 2022, where suppliers will be made aware of the Group’s decarbonisation targets and will help to identify the associated drivers. The first event of this type for Colas Rail suppliers was held in 2021.