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Bouygues at Viva Technology: a sustainable, desirable....and hi-tech urban environment!

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In April, as part of its participation in Viva Technology (15-17 June in Paris), the Bouygues group announced it was launching a major challenge competition focused on new community consultation and participation tools open to Civic Tech start-ups. At the competition’s final on Thursday 15 June, the jury, chaired by Olivier Bouygues, chose two winners and the public gave its own Special award.

This second Viva Technology event was very successful with 66,000 visitors and 6,000 start-ups present, versus 45,000 and 5,000 respectively a year before.

It was an ideal occasion for the Group to both showcase its own solutions for a sustainable and desirable urban environment and consolidate its Open Innovation strategy, thanks to the presence of a number of partner start-ups on its stand.



The Bouygues – Viva Tech challenge

This challenge launched in April was very successful with dozens of start-ups submitting an application to take part. The quality of all submissions was very good on the whole. Firstly, a jury selected 10 finalists, who were all invited to the final stage of the competition at Viva Tech on Thursday 15 June to give a pitch of their solutions.

prizes were then awarded by the jury
(Bouygues’ first and second prizes)
Public’s Special award
was also awarded
trophies were handed over
by Olivier Bouygues

Bouygues’ 1st prize: Madeinvote
The first platform for choosing local shops!

Nobody thought of it before...until Madeinvote did! When urban developers create an eco-neighbourhood, how do they decide which shops to put there? A bakery? A dry-cleaner’s? A convenience store? A private nursery? What if the future customers of these local services could be asked what they want? What if there were a sort of local marketing campaign in which people themselves could match supply with demand?

Madeinvote is a crowdsourcing platform which lets people give their opinion on the shops they want to see in their vicinity. In a few clicks, they can choose the next shops for their neighbourhood, vote on retailers’ plans and encourage them to set up near where they live. In return for their participation, they are kept informed of when the chosen shops will open and benefit from special offers. Madeinvote reinvents shopping “à la carte” and transforms consumers into “Consumactors”!

Bouygues’ 2nd prize: I Wheel Share
Digital technology to help wheelchair users

When Lucas Sovignet lost the use of his legs in a serious motorbike accident in 2012, he found out that doing simple things such as going to the bakery, moving around town or finding a cinema accessible to a PRM (person with reduced mobility) could be a real obstacle course for wheelchair users.

But Lucas is a fighter and a creative thinker – and he has a sister, Audrey. Together they decided to create an app, I Wheel Share, which maps accessibility black spots for wheelchair users or places that are difficult to negotiate for the sight-impaired, for example. A finalist of “La France s’engage”, a competition and label created by former President François Hollande, I Wheel Share has garnered many prizes and awards for the strength, generosity and originality of its civic commitment.

The Public’s Special Award: Smiile
Smile, you’re being your neighbours!

Helping out neighbours, a feature of rural then city life for centuries, has long been an informal arrangement.

Now, Smiile’s app and website have brought services between neighbours into the digital world, whether lending a hand, sharing things, grouping purchases, car pooling and car sharing, local consumption, shared gardens and everything else that can create or strengthen bonds within the same community.

The people at Smiile are convinced that “sharing is the green energy of tomorrow”, which is not only a source of savings through mutual help but also an inexhaustible social fuel to pursue joint solutions to individual problems. Bundled together, Smiile’s services help to create links not only between the people in a community but also between citizens and their elected representatives.

3D printing in the honor

Viva Technology was the opportunity to present in  1st world a demonstration of a 3D printing of Cybe & Bouygues Construction