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Bouygues SA

The parent company Bouygues SA comprises the Group’s senior management and all of the support functions that are at the service of the Group’s subsidiaries. Bouygues SA also has a number of subsidiaries itself.

Bouygues Asia

Bouygues Asia was originally set up in Tokyo in 2002 as a subsidiary of Bouygues Telecom within the framework of the partnership with leading Japanese telecoms operator NTT Docomo. Today, Bouygues Asia represents the entire Group. This multicultural entity monitors the key players in Asia’s innovation ecosystem and offers assistance to the Group’s business segments and to customers outside the Group wishing to look for partnerships.


Bouygues Europe

Bouygues Europe is a subsidiary of Bouygues SA based in Brussels. It represents and defends the Group’s interests within the European institutions. One of the main tasks of Bouygues Europe, namely contributing to the drafting of European legislation, is clearly of key importance. It does this by taking part in the dialogue process between the European institutions and civil society. Bouygues Europe presents and defends the positions of the Group during public consultations, hearings held by the European institutions, and via regular contact with the competent representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament and Council.


Bouygues Développement

Bouygues Développement is a company that helps the Group’s business segments in their open innovation initiatives with start-ups. It provides support to the Open Innovation initiatives of the Bouygues group’s five business segments.

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C2S is an IT services company that is a fully-owned subsidiary of Bouygues SA, the parent company of the Bouygues group. Founded in 1990, the initial task of C2S was to provide support to the IT departments of the Group’s business segments. Drawing on this wealth of experience, C2S has widened its activities and now helps around fifty different customers with their digital transformation.

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The original mission of Bouygues’ e-lab, which was set up in 2001, was to provide decision-support services to the parent company Bouygues SA. Since 2006, its teams have focussed on developing tools, products and services for employees in all of the Group’s business segments. It operates as both an in-house services company, helping the business segments with their innovation projects, and as an R&D and forward-looking unit working to prepare for future requirements and provide its expertise. Amongst the latest products developed by e-lab are a wireless helmet, a geolocalised sticker, a motion detector and an electronic toll collection system for a bridge in Abidjan.



Winnovation is a Group subsidiary based in the US responsible for meeting companies or start-ups with which strategic partnerships can be formed. Winnovation also helps its customers with partnership negotiations. In addition, this unit also actively monitors US markets for developments in the domains of technology, marketing and strategy.

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(Updated: 29 October 2019)