Two complementary core businesses


TF1’s Media segment includes its unencrypted channels (TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films and LCI), its theme channels (Ushuaia TV, Histoire TV, TV Breizh and Série Club), TF1+ its free streaming platform for family entertainment and news, TFOU MAX its on-demand platform for young viewers, the TF1 Info website and the advertising sales unit TF1 PUB. Together, these form a one-of-a-kind ecosystem able to satisfy both the wants of all types of audiences and the needs of advertisers. The group also has a hand in music production and live events thanks to Muzeek One.

Some key figures :


million weekly viewersin France


people use the group’s streaming platforms every month


of individuals aged between 25 and 49 are exposed to TF1 PUB advertising on a weekly basis


million concert tickets during 700 live events and concerts


The Production segment, which includes Newen Studios, brings together almost 50 creative companies and labels in France and internationally. It creates and distributes programmes of all genres for all of those involved in the sector, from public and private TV channels to digital platforms, using its unique expertise and its diverse brands and talent.

Some key figures :


hours produced by Newen Studios in 2022


owned by Newen Studios


of sales generated in France

The TF1 group operates in an environment that is currently undergoing radical change. It is in competition with major global groups that are subject to very few regulations. These groups are creating new services and are reshaping the status quo:

  • A new era of ultra-extensive content, with almost 360 video streaming services available in France;
  • Falling daily viewing time per individual: down 9% compared to 2022 (going from 2 hours 28 minutes to 2 hours 14 minutes per day) among individuals aged between 25 and 49 (at end-October 2023)
  • Yet TV’s popularity continues to outstrip other forms of content: in first-half 2023, 75% of the French population watched the television each day (individuals aged 4 and above); 52% watched TF1 channels. Television content is therefore still consumed in France, but the way people consume it has changed.
  • Increased consumption of on-demand long-format programmes on TV screens: in first-half 2023, adults aged between 25 and 49 spent 35% of their time watching non-linear long-format programmes, compared to 30% in 2022; the majority of this content was viewed on TV sets.
  • SVOD platforms launch services with advertising (Netflix; Disney+)


TF1+ sur votre télévision

TF1+ is the most extensive offer for spectacular content for all the family. It is available anywhere, any time, and for free, with the full episodes of hundreds of series, French and international films, the biggest TV shows, go-to sporting events, the latest news and over 50 live channels.

The platform hosts over 15,000 hours of spectacular content for all the family, with extended rights, and will continue to regularly update with new brands. TF1+ users can access every season of France’s favourite series and entertainment programmes, and a one-of-a-kind selection of films.

TF1+ also offers content which has been adapted for the digital age and therefore heightens user experience as viewers watch their favourite programmes: such as  personalised sports updates with “Top Chrono” or “Top Info”, a brand new format for news coverage, specially designed for the platform.

strategic priorities

Consolidate our position as a leader in linear TV drawing on a Premium content offering and brands with differentiated reach

The TF1 group wishes to strengthen its unique coverage across France in order to maximise the value of the advertising inventories available to its advertisers and increase its market share. The group therefore continuously strives to provide premium content of an ever-higher quality, that is accessible for free, whether on linear TV or streaming platforms.

TF1 offers unique entertainment, including family shows, events or series, as well as fact-checked, in-depth news coverage, bringing its viewers together like no one else in the sector.

The group will continue to make the most of its complementary offerings that combine the popular, wide-reaching content on the TF1 TV channel and the more differentiated content on its DTT channels.

Become the leading free streaming service in France by leveraging our powerful editorial line and maximising the value of our digital inventories through a strengthened data strategy

The TF1 group wants to establish TF1+ as the benchmark free streaming platform in France, replicating the TF1 group’s leading position in linear TV, by drawing on its distinctive editorial policy and its unique strength in advertising sales.

The aim is to make TF1+ accessible on any device used to watch long-format programmes and provide a user experience as smooth and easy-to-use as any offer on the international stage. TF1 will also roll out data and ad-tech tools that have been specially adapted to meet the needs of its advertising customers.

Establish Newen as one of the benchmark studios in Europe with strong French roots

Newen Studios has expanded over the past few years thanks to a series of acquisitions and is now a true competitor on the international stage. It firmly holds a place as one of the major studios on the pan-European market as France’s leading producer of TV dramas and documentaries, and demonstrates unmatched expertise in daily soaps.

Over the next few years, Newen Studios will increasingly be able to address its customers’ needs (TV viewers, private media groups, digital platforms), thanks to an extensive range of production budgets and genres allowing it to tap into the diversity of its brands and talent to help them to bring forward the best that they have to offer and to develop new projects that drive growth. The aim is to establish Newen as one of the benchmark studios in Europe whilst keeping it in touch with its strong French roots.

Affiche de la série télévisée Plus Belle la vie

Operational priorities

  • Keep pace with changes in how video content is consumed and monetise these new practices.
  • Continue Newen’s international expansion.

A cultural ambition: “Uniting Our Nation”

Bringing people closer together and helping popular culture to thrive

The TF1 group is a leader in the media sector and therefore plays a major role in society. Its editorial line is centred around programmes that allow viewers to spend quality time and experience thrilling moments together. Its goal is to bring as many people as possible together and strengthen the social fabric of our society. It also nurtures French popular culture, with recurring main characters, values and stories that become shared cultural references.

An ambitious content policy

The TF1 group is renewing the editorial and artistic content of its channels through creative and varied programming, subjects with strong social resonance, and new incarnations. The group’s audience ratings demonstrate its ability to forge new partnership models and attract the finest talents. Investing some €1 billion in content every year, the TF1 group is a leading player and key link in the creative ecosystem.

Giving as many people as possible access to news coverage

The group has always strived to provide its audiences with in-depth, independent news coverage that has been thoroughly fact-checked. This is in order to give a platform to a range of opinions and therefore support an environment that allows people to calmly engage in debate. The group harnesses a strong commitment to ethical news coverage to contribute to national cohesion and the interests of the general public.

Jour de match : des supporters sont présents de dos avec des drapeaux français, des confettis et des écharpes aux couleurs bleau-blanc-rouge

A committed actor

Be a dependable partner for all stakeholders

TF1 has a dual responsibility. Its first responsibility is to society, namely  to use its content and platforms to raise awareness about issues such as harassment, sexism and climate change, to promote inclusion and diversity, and to help maintain high standards in public and democratic debate. Its second responsibility is to its people by looking after their well-being and providing them with opportunities for career advancement.

The group’s commitments cover three key areas: diversity and inclusion, the ecological transition, and community action.

Social and environmental responsibility

More than ever before, people in France expect companies to make practical commitments to building a more sustainable world. The TF1 group is aware of the responsibilities it holds as a leading media group and knows that it can bring about change. It is therefore getting actively involved and driving change. The group has made commitments to tackle environmental (ecological transition), social and societal challenges and is well aware that we must respond to such challenges through tangible action such as raising public awareness through content, supporting non-profits and providing help to its advertising customers.

The TF1 group aims to bring people together across France. The group is helping to build a more united and sustainable society by encouraging diversity and inclusion, supporting the ecological transition as well as working to establish a sense of community.

Supporting content creation

The TF1 group has a strong, long-standing history of supporting French-language content creation. €170 million is therefore invested each year on the creation of content in all its forms.

The group also covers a broad range of business activities in key entertainment and leisure fields, including licences, podcasts, music production and live events with Muzeek One. The latter brings together the business activities of Play Two, France’s number one independent record label, and La Seine Musical entertainment and concert venue.

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Sur la scène du prime de la Star Academy 2023 : Lenie, Julien, Helena, Pierre, Djebril et Axel
Star Academy TV show
Audrey Fleurot dans son rôle dans la série HPI habillée en couleurs vives

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Julien Doré dans la série Panda
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Lycée Toulouse Lautrec

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Sales € million

  • 2022: 2,508.00
  • 2023: 2,297.00

Current operating profit from activities € million

  • 2022: 322.00
  • 2023: 287.00

Audience Share of TF1 Group*
As a %, Individuals aged 25 to 49

  • 2022: 30.50
  • 2023: 30.60