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Equal opportunity

Promoting the integration of all talents and ensuring equal opportunities are at the core of our Diversity policy and our values.

In all the Group's business segments, tangible and motivational measures are being rolled out:

  • to hire people with disabilities,  
  • to ensure  professional gender equality
  • to fight all forms of discrimination
  • to integrate employees of all origins and cultures



Nearly 2,000 disabled employees work in the Group. In all the business segments, Disability Task Forces work to recruit, support and ensure that people with disabilities remain in work. The easy accessibility of our disability liaison officers and their ability to listen make it easier for these colleagues to find customised solutions on a daily basis and help them pursue their career paths. Awareness-raising actions rolled out in all the business segments - both in France and abroad - help dispel myths and ensure that everyone is involved in providing support to disabled employees.

Our teams also work alongside our partners in order to boost the level of activity with companies in the sheltered sector.

Gender equality

In each of the Group's business segments, the campaign to ensure gender equality is rolled out around three main priorities:

  • Boosting gender equality in all the construction businesses by making them more attractive to female job applicants
  • Increasing the number of women in management structures by prioritising their career development
  • Ensuring equal pay between men and women via systematic checks in all business segments.

We are committed to continuous improvement in all these areas. Each year, the Group’s subsidiaries enhance their actions with new initiatives in order to improve performance, ramp up synergies throughout the networks and adopt best practices in the field of gender equality. Bouygues SA’s gender equality in the workplace index stands at 89/100 for 2020.


  • a number of the Group’s female employees took part in the 11th Women’s Forum for Economy & Society
  • mentoring programmes for female talents have been introduced
  • female or mixed male/female networks have been created
(Updated: 14 September 2021)