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Sustainable development

Bouygues group’s corporate social responsibility policy has three objectives:

  • To propose innovative sustainable solutions for urban environments and infrastructures
  • To act as a responsible entrepreneur
  • To promote the professional fulfilment of its employees
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"Everyone involved has a duty to speed up the transition to a low-carbon economy. Although the building and civil works sector has been, and alas still is, a major contributor in terms of CO2 emissions, it is now also the first source of solutions. That is why we at Bouygues have structured a sustainable development policy over the last ten years and applied the highest standards in the field to our own buildings."

Martin Bouygues, Chairman & CEO

% of the workforce outside France
Headcount at 31 December 2016
SRI indices
Bouygues is present in six SRI indices – it was added to two in 2015 and to one in 2016
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