The challenge facing the Bouygues group is to keep its finger on the pulse of society so it can continue meeting its customers’ needs effectively. The Group has identified macrotrends that will require it to adapt its product and services, taking a holistic and sustainable approach.


Population growth and urbanisation

The growt in the world’s population, combined with an ageing population in certain countries, means that new aspirations must be addressed whilst reducing social inequalities and risks to health.

Related opportunities for Bouygues

  • Devise solutions to satisfy demand for housing  (new build and renovation) and amenities (schools,  hospitals, bridges, tunnels, commercial buildings etc) more inclusive and reversible.
  • Improve the resilience (such as adaptation to climate change) and decarbonisation of building, transport and telecommunications infrastructure in both urban and rural areas.
  • Provide multi-technical services, especially to ensure energy savings, for both local authority and business customers.

The climate emergency, biodiversity and resources

The climate emergency and the absolute necessity of preserving biodiversity and natural resources require radical and swift changes to business models and consumer habits.

Related opportunities for Bouygues

  • Foster the emergence of new low-carbon, more modular and reversible construction techniques.
  • Improve the active and passive energy efficiency of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as the biotope area factor.
  • Develop an efficient telecommunications network (5G), public transport (tram, cable car, rail), and renewable (hydroelectric, photovoltaic and wind) and nuclear energy generation infrastructure in order to cut users’ and customers’ carbon footprints

Digital and technological transformation

The digital transformation concerns all sectors of the economy and changes the ways we communicate, learn, work, produce, inform and entertain ourselves. The shortage of qualified workers and the cybersecurity risk are making businesses more vulnerable.

Related opportunities for Bouygues :

  • Support customers’ new behaviour thanks to the quality, enhanced security and reliability of Bouygues Telecom’s networks.
  • Invent new digital services, especially for the media, telecoms and industrial maintenance sectors (datacentres, factories, etc.).
  • Use Big data to make solutions more fit-for-purpose and improve the sustainable management of physical flows.
  • Integrate renewable energy generation and storage solutions, as well as electromobility, into buildings.
  • Develop innovative and scalable solutions in IT infrastructure, automation and robotics, hypervision, and Building Information Management (BIM) in order to improve overall equipment performance.

4. Changing customer behaviour

As new societal trends emerge with the rise of e-commerce and the collaborative economy, the digitisation of working methods, inflation and growing awareness of the climate emergency are changing the ways we live and consume.

Related opportunities for Bouygues

  • Pursue the customisation and segmentation of products and services in order to improve the customer experience in property development, B2B and B2C telecommunications, media and energy services.
  • Offer solutions based on modularity and reversibility, and ones that improve intensity of use of spaces and infrastructure.
  • Develop collaborative methods to co-design projects, with the aim of promoting the sustainable urban environment concept.