The Group believes that bringing people closer together and promoting exchange helps make life better every day. Wherever it can, the Group wants to promote mutual assistance, harmonious relationships and community cohesion, thereby fostering a greater sense of social inclusion. To help build harmonious communities,

Bouygues pledges to…

…bring people closer together

The Bouygues group’s business segments design products and services that promote sharing: 

Media: with its 25 million TV viewers every day, TF1 aims to positively inspire society. The content it broadcasts is designed to represent and reach all audiences, and allow them to express themselves too, in all their diversity and difference. During the Covid lockdown in 2020, the TF1 TV channel kept the public informed with its news output and aired educational programmes for schoolchildren through its “Educating the nation” initiative.

Telecoms: bringing people closer together is central to Bouygues Telecom’s communication activity. The operator ensured that friends and family stayed in contact with each other throughout the health crisis. It also supported the most vulnerable in society by providing equipment to medical staff, by launching its “Donate a Gigabyte” campaign with the Red Cross (20,000 plans, 10,000 smartphones) and by creating a partnership with Samu Social in Paris to fight against the digital divide.

Construction: The Construction businesses prioritise social diversity when designing their eco-neighbourhoods. By providing a wide range of services (apps, concierge services, etc.), they are able to enhance relations between occupants of the same building.

…supporting deserving school leavers

The Francis Bouygues Corporate Foundation provides high achiever grants and moral support to motivated school leavers who face financial difficulties in higher education and helps them fulfil ambitious career goals.

Since 2005, some 1,189 students, from over 40 countries, have received financial support, and assistance from Group mentors, whose role is to be attentive to their grant-holder and provide tailored advice. They also promote values based on trust, sharing, and mutual respect.


Students supported since 2005

…supporting the development of non-profits

Bouygues Telecom is working to widen access to technology and harness its power to bring people closer together. Through its corporate foundation, it provides the technology, funding and expertise that non-profits and their volunteers need. In 2021, Bouygues Telecom stepped up its support for the not-for-profit sector by launching Bbox Asso, an internet service for non-profits that meets their connectivity needs. It has also developed a platform that connects potential volunteers with non-profits offering voluntary work assignments.

The Bouygues Telecom Corporate Foundation has set up an incubator to kick-start fast-growing non-profits.

…open up dialogue and co-design efforts to a greater audience

The Bouygues group brings together all the stakeholders in a project (customers, elected representatives, local residents) from the planning stage in order to design and offer the most appropriate solutions. And each business segment adopts the same method of listening, dialogue and outreach.   

Media: Social media, TF1&Vous, etc. TF1’s television channels and other media outlets maintain regular contact with their viewers.

Telecoms: Bouygues Telecom’s Customer committee is a forum in which around twenty customers get the opportunity to design products and services adapted to their own requirements.

Construction: All future residents are consulted at every stage of a project via meetings, participatory workshops, apps and even serious games. The Group is able to increase public acceptance of its construction sites when it maintains dialogue with local residents. They can use the “Com’in” platform to report noise, dust and mobility-related issues and to reduce disturbances by stopping certain types of work or adapting it.  

…encourage local initiatives that help others within the community

The Bouygues group’s patronage policy focuses on four main themes: education, health, social and environmental initiatives. Each business segment carries out its own patronage initiatives. The Group is active worldwide and contributes to local life wherever it operates, giving priority to long-term actions.

The foundations of the Groupe

Bouygues Construction

The corporate foundation, Terre Plurielle, has worked since 2008 to promote education, employment opportunities, healthcare and support for disabled people wherever the Group is established through financial support and the voluntary involvement of the employees.

Bouygues Immobilier

Founded in 2009, the Bouygues Immobilier Corporate Foundation “Demain la Ville” has a great ambition: to help make urban environments more people-friendly and sustainable through forward planning and community action initiatives.


Since its creation in the early 1990s, the Colas Foundation has promoted contemporary painting by commissioning artists to create canvases for its collection and, today, urban art frescoes for the Colas Group’s industrial sites. Faced with the growing importance of societal issues in all regions, the Foundation is currently changing its positioning.


For over ten years, the TF1 Corporate Foundation has been working to help young people from underprivileged neighbourhoods find employment. The Foundation helps to change attitudes towards people from poor areas, combat stereotypes and promote dialogue by helping these young people build the network they lack, helping them through their studies and with the choice of their future career, and by supporting their entrepreneurial projects. This action is driven by a desire, an ambition and an objective – that of giving everybody an equal chance!

Bouygues Telecom

The Bouygues Telecom Foundation promotes peer-to-peer dialogue between those providing help and those receiving help in the belief that they can both benefit from this mutual support. By encouraging this collective action, the Foundation creates, strengthens and maintains bonds, thus fulfilling Bouygues Telecom’s corporate purpose: bringing people closer together.