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The Francis Bouygues Foundation

1 sphere of action: Education

Founded in 2005 by Martin Bouygues to promote equal opportunity for all, the Francis Bouygues Foundation supports motivated and deserving school leavers from low-income families so that they can pursue long-term studies and fulfil their ambitious career goals.

Financial aid & moral support

Each year, the Francis Bouygues Foundation hands out around 60 grants ranging between €1,500 to €5,000 per year, which can be added to the French state student grant. This financial support is renewed each year until a higher education diploma is obtained.  


"Term is about to start again already, and I’m in a rush to get prepared for my final year studying interior design. The idea fills me with lots of hope and motivation! I’ve already five years of study behind me - even I find that hard to believe! I can still see myself in the offices of the Foundation for my interview, asking myself whether these studies would be possible. Well, yes they were, and, on top of that, I was top of my class in my 4th year. There’s no better feeling when you get up every day to do something you’re really passionate about. Without you, I would never have been able to pursue my dream studies.»

8th intake
5th year at ESAIL (the Lyon school of Interior Design)
12 years
of journey
promoting equal opportunities
supported since 2005
+ €1 million
per year
Financial support
graduates supported
through their higher education studies

The participation of more than 600 volunteer mentors

A volunteer is chosen from among current or retired Bouygues group employees, or from among former grant-holders who have since found employment, to provide support to the students. These volunteers become mentors to the grant-holders.

It is a pleasure to help bright and hard-working young people! A big “thank you!” to the Foundation, which is able move mountains. It's a real pleasure for me to help young people and support them throughout their studies. Our fields of work are far removed, but we have the same values

Pierre POIX
Bouygues Construction

There’s no limit to your dreams

Students are not required to enrol on courses related to activities of the Bouygues group.
The Foundation has already helped students throughout their higher education to become doctors, vets, school teachers, archaeologists, architects, chemists, police superintendents, engineers, lawyers, etc.


I’m proud to let you know that I’m going on to my fifth year in the Lille faculty of medicine. My dream is starting to become a reality, and it’s partly thanks to you and your support. We live in an age when to criticise and complain is easy, but you should also be able to show your gratitude when people do really great things for you, and that’s exactly what the Foundation did for me.”

Guillaume BRAYE
7th intake
5th year of medicine, Lille
(Updated: 27 October 2016)


“I've always found it grossly unfair that gifted and hard-working young people should be prevented from studying due to social or financial reasons."

Martin Bouygues
Chairman and CEO of Bouygues 

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The Francis Bouygues Foundation is 10 years old

The Francis Bouygues Foundation 2016 press kit


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