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Environmental performance

Tackling environmental issues is a key element of the Bouygues group’s strategy. It represents an opportunity for the Group to position itself as a provider of solutions that respond to the global challenges of climate disruption and resource scarcity.

Bouygues uses three drivers to improve its environmental performance:

  • It supports customers with their energy transition by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiency.

For 2020, CDP Climate (Carbon Disclosure Project) attributed A- to the Bouygues group, which recognises the worldwide companies most active in the fight against climate change. Bouygues was previously ranked in CDP’s A list in 2016 and 2019. To find out more

  • It helps reduce the consumption of natural resources

As a major producer and user of construction materials, Colas is one of the world’s five biggest recyclers across all sectors and all types of material.

Bouygues Telecom encourages the collection, reconditioning and sale of used mobile handsets.

  • It contributes to the ramp-up of building energy renovation

In order to do this, Bouygues improves the Group’s renovation solutions by taking into account the geographical and climatic features of regions. The Group is also testing new renovation solutions, such as the EnergieSprong and BBCA Rénovation[1] label initiatives.


Find out more : chapter 3 - 2020 Registration document


[1] The BBCA low-carbon building label certifies that a building has an exemplary carbon footprint.
(Updated: 17 June 2021)
of CO2 equivalent in 2019 (Scope 1, 2 et 3A)