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Le Minorange

Created in 1963, the internal magazine Le Minorange is published twice yearly. Each half-year, the magazine informs employees about Group life and strategies.

For more than 50 years, it has sought to showcase the Group’s teams and businesses with the aim of enhancing understanding and sparking enthusiasm !

It aims to strengthen links between all Group employees.


Did you know?

The term “Minorange” is a blend of the words “minium” – a pigment in rustproofing paint used on worksites – and “orange”, the pigment’s colour. It is also the name of the Guild created by Entreprise Francis Bouygues.

(Updated: 03 November 2016)


In addition to articles written for Le Minorange, #BouyguesInside videos are made during reports and posted in advance on social networks inside and outside the Group.