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Sustainable construction

Bouygues offers a range of low-carbon solutions that include integrated systems of renewable energy production combined with storage systems, the use of materials with low environmental impact that can be re-used and recycled, as well as digital solutions that provide optimised management of these systems.

A pioneer in positive-energy buildings, Bouygues Immobilier handed over Green Office® in Rueil Malmaison in 2015. This large-scale project shows that it is possible to combine a very high level of energy performance, guaranteed by a contract, with user comfort.


Green Office Enjoy: a positive-energy commercial building

Bouygues Immobilier's Green Office concept is a great success: in 2016, 20 Green Office office buildings are currently being built or have already been handed over. Green Office Enjoy is a retail and office building development to be handed over in 2018 in the new Batignolles eco-neighbourhood in Paris. Its special feature is its timber structure design. Green Office is a positive-energy building powered by photovoltaic solar panels and connected to the district heating and cooling network.


TITKT (Hong Kong): designing a highly energy-efficient tower block

TITKT, a 20-storey tower block handed over in Hong Kong by Bouygues Construction in the spring of 2015, is a benchmark in sustainable construction design for a public building. 35% energy savings have been generated according to the criteria set by the Building Energy Code (BEC) thanks to the greening of 30% of the site's surface area and the use of various renewable energies (photovoltaic solar panels, solar chimneys, free cooling systems, etc.)

(Updated: 26 October 2016)

A day in sustainable cities: Bouygues' vision of sustainable urban environments