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Health & safety

People are the most important resource for the Bouygues group. It is therefore a priority to ensure their health and safety.

The Bouygues group aims to reduce the frequency and severity of occupational accidents, to which it is highly exposed through its operations, and works towards better employee health. Road safety and psychosocial risk prevention campaigns are carried out in all businesses.

However, it is on worksites where there is an inherent risk of danger, where the need for accident prevention is crucial. The construction subsidiaries both in France and abroad are therefore redoubling their efforts and are able to draw on a worldwide network of health & safety officers. In this field they have obtained results that surpass industry standards.

To improve on this record even further, Colas and Bouygues Construction have rolled out training programmes on health & safety issues, such as the fight against addiction. In France, workplace health and safety policies are implemented in consultation with the Health and Safety committees. Finally, the implementation of safety management systems, some of which may have OHSAS 18001 certification¹, is the organisational bedrock at the operating units of the Bouygues group.

¹The OHSAS 18001 standard stipulates the method to be used to set up a workplace health and safety management system and the conditions that this requires.
(Updated: 28 February 2020)