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Fundamentals of our culture

The fundamentals of the Group’s culture provide the framework through which each Business segment expresses its own values and specific culture. They are the cornerstone which encourage commitment, passion and a personal touch from all the Group’s employees – something which makes Bouygues unique.


Respect, in the way we treat people, the commitments we make, for society as a whole and business ethics, is a key value for the Group. Respect, accompanied by consideration, is what binds us together. Respect benefits both giver and receiver. It determines our methods of management. For the Bouygues group, each and every person is important.




Creativity is what drives each of the Business segments to innovate. It fosters a mindset that encourages initiatives that go into uncharted territory.







Promoting an entrepreneurial spirit within the Group requires allowing people to free up their energy and dare to make their own decisions. Trust, responsibility and a guaranteed right to make mistakes are prerequisites for this empowerment. An open culture in which employees share the Group’s goals and ethics allows everyone to steer their own course.



Imparting expertise

Receiving, developing and imparting are the driving force in relations between people at the Bouygues group. We are proud of being able to nurture our employees and grow talent by imparting expertise to the next generation. This solidarity between generations is driven by the culture of imparting expertise.

“At Bouygues, people are our most important resource. This means that their mindset, just as much as their skills, is key to our success and progress.”

Martin Bouygues

Chairman and CEO
(Updated: 08 February 2021)
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