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Working to embrace the digital transformation

Bouygues shifted its activities towards digital technology very early on. Whether it be connected buildings or designing new business models...the group’s employees have all fully integrated new technologies into their daily working lives. Malo, Jessica and Joël are all fully-fledged digital ambassadors.
Malo de Preneuf, Marketing project manager at TF1

There's no "one size fits all" when it comes to advertisers. We try to tailor a solution to their specific requirements.

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Jessica’s approach to enabling change

Growth of internet use, greater access to smartphones, the explosion of big data, the development of connected objects... The digital transformation is everywhere. These major technological changes are also sweeping through the construction industry. For Jessica Mouawad, a Development and Innovation manager at Bouygues Construction: “This represents an exciting new stage that is forcing companies to adopt a new culture".

A revolution in the construction industry

Digital transformation has a direct impact on Bouygues Construction’s core businesses. Jessica Mouawad and her team are driving the adoption of new technologies in the construction sector. The result of this is the smart building. For example, Machine Learning can predict a building’s energy consumption over different periods. Artificial intelligence in building management systems can detect, without any human intervention, equipment breakdowns or faults and propose remedial measures: "We use connected devices to harvest data about the working environment and the preferences of building occupants with the aim of offering better services".

A revolution in processes is under way

Doing things in more practical and efficient ways... inside the company is also one of the aims of Jessica and her team. With this in mind, they have developed a CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) solution. The CAFM is a web platform enabling employees to make online requests for changes to their workspace, car parking reservations, etc. All can be done directly from their desks or from a mobile device.

A revolution in methodology

When managing her projects, Jessica needs to consider many aspects, such as the customer’s requirements, the needs of the market, technological expertise, R&D and innovation. “I tend to favour flexible approaches that make it easier to implement solutions. But more indirectly, we also use design thinking to identify problems and their possible solutions. Finally, brainstorming can foster new ideas and solutions collectively.

The aim is to work in a cross-disciplinary manner with different teams, with those that develop business solutions, and with the energy and FM teams.  

Are mindsets changing? 

Another of Jessica’s crucial roles is to persuade.  Be they designers or users, all employees must fully understand the implication of the changes that the digital transformation is bringing. “For employees to be able to adapt, the changes under way and the company’s vision of the digital transformation must be explained - the challenges, the issues, the trials, the feedback, the technologies used, etc.

Joël Péguret, in charge of digitising the customer experience at Bouygues Immobilier

Mobile projects are well-suited to nimble methods and carried out by multi-skilled teams.

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(Updated: 05 June 2018)
from TV to digital
with Malo (TF1)
Smart Building
the construction industry’s technological challenge
by Jessica (Bouygues Construction)
or working in start-up mode
by Joël (Bouygues Immobilier)