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Our talents are not where you’d expect to find them

Without doubt, career paths at Bouygues are atypical. From construction to television, from law to career path is 100% predictable since everyone has a very wide range of job opportunities to choose from. Cécilia, Laura and Alex are living proof of this.

From construction to television: a surprising transition...

There was little to suggest that this computer enthusiast would enter the world of television. And yet, there is a certain logic to the career path of Alex Arnaud, now an IT security manager at TF1, who started out in a Bouygues group construction subsidiary.

An IT systems specialist

After getting his IT diploma, Alex joined a Bouygues Construction subsidiary, where he was responsible for management information systems. After returning to his studies to consolidate his qualifications with a pre-doctoral degree, he worked at TF1 on behalf of an IT services company, before taking a job with the group to manage the IT systems for the Human Resources, Planning and Legal departments.

A crucial challenge and a stimulating job

As an IT systems security manager since 2010, Alex is now responsible for safeguarding the company’s IT assets, by protecting them from cyberattacks and viruses. His mission is therefore critical. "We became aware of just how vital in 2014, when a major media company came under cyberattack. I have an all-absorbing job that covers the protection of computers and smartphones, but above all, the protection of TF1’s most precious asset - the systems it uses to broadcast its TV programmes." Alex is also responsible for raising awareness about IT security among all employees to prevent phishing and email-based hacking. He has therefore worked on a wide range of missions, as is often the case within the Bouygues group. "Whichever Group company you work for, the jobs are varied and the projects highly motivating. There are always new objectives and challenges and the possibility of taking on previously unthought-of responsibilities."

From digital media to entertainment, an HR manager for all occasions

Within TF1 group's HR department, Laura Haloin has switched jobs no less than four times in seven years, without ever finding herself doing the same thing! Whether promoting diversity within the group, working with the digital media or live show activities, there are few challenges this lawyer by training, now an “all-round” HR manager, has not met.

A lawyer in the world of HR

After studying labour law, Laura took an operational HR position after an initial successful experience as an in-house lawyer within TF1 group’s employee relations department. As she happily admits, "I have an atypical profile for this role", but this hasn’t stopped her from overcoming numerous challenges where she might not have expected to shine.

From the promotion of Diversity...

TF1 was the first media group to receive the Diversity label in France, back in 2010. This underlined the company’s progress in addressing a range of issues - gender equality and the integration of disabled people to name but two - which from then on became the object of a formal audit. Laura assisted the Diversity manager on these issues, which are very important for the company’s image, working to coordinate all the company’s departments. On successfully completing this mission, she moved towards new horizons, more digital in nature...

……to diversity in digital media activities

A change of décor was in order, and Laura joined the digital subsidiary E-TF1 as an operational HR officer. "I’d never thought of myself as a geek, but I adapted to what was an alien environment to me...and even found myself liking it." Identifying who does what when creating a web site or mobile app, or understanding project mode organisation...these were some of the new skills acquired that enabled her to successfully complete her mission once more.

...and not forgetting diversification

"Diversification concerns all areas of entertainment (music, live shows, etc.), cinema and home shopping, from the design of board games to the new La Seine Musicale concert venue and the TF1 Studio brand, which brings together all the TF1 group’s cinema interests," explains Laura. Her role remains the same: she continues to be an operational HR officer, but faced with a new set of challenges. For example, she is now responsible for integrating live show professions into the TF1 group.
Having spent seven years with TF1, Laura says with a smile: "For the first time, I will be working in an actual TV environment inside TF1’s Technological division … I am finally in the place where I was expected to be all along."

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(Updated: 05 June 2018)
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