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Thermal renovation is a market with high growth potential. In Europe, nearly 190 million homes¹ will need thermal renovation by 2050 in order to meet the energy-saving targets set by the European Union.

These millions of poorly insulated structures is a key issue for the Group whose subsidiaries have developed solutions and recognised expertise in energy renovation for buildings (housing, offices and amenities). The Group seeks to save natural resources whilst respecting architectural heritage at the same time.


The renovated Challenger building becomes a positive-energy head office complex

Challenger, Bouygues Construction's flagship head office complex in Guyancourt, west of Paris, was renovated, whilst it continued to be in operation, from 2010 to 2014. It is a positive-energy building thanks to a combination of high-performance insulation and solar, geothermal and air-source energies. Challenger also has filter gardens that naturally purify water. This high level of energy and ecological performance goes hand in hand with a high standard of working environment for employees: the building provides optimal olfactory, visual, acoustic and thermal comfort.



In 2009, Bouygues Immobilier launched its commercial property renovation initiative called Rehagreen®

Rehagreen® is an initiative designed to help owners and investors enhance the value of their property assets over the long term. For the period 2016-2020, Bouygues Immobilier is committed to ensuring that Rehagreen® rehabilitation projects represent 35% of the total surface area of its commercial property projects being built or handed over.

In 2018, Bouygues Construction launched “Wizom Réhabilitation”

This offer includes environmental commitments, energy-performance guarantees and resident outreach on key issues. These developments, handed over in 2018, reduce energy consumption by 40-45% depending on the residence, backed by a 15-year commitment.

(Updated: 08 October 2019)