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Bouygues and its business partners offer local authorities a range of solutions encompassing sustainable construction, energy efficiency, functional diversity, soft mobility, biodiversity and new technologies adapted to residents’ needs.

Two showcases of the sustainable city

In 2015, Bouygues was chosen to take part in two sustainable city showcase projects in France, sponsored by IVD¹: Lyon Living Lab (Lyon) and Descartes 21 (Marne-la-Vallée). The aim of these showcase projects is to take a fresh look at traditional ways of designing, building and managing urban environments and areas in order to improve the quality of services provided to users and meet unsatisfied requirements in various domains of urban life (mobility, housing, safety). Each project also aims for a high level of environmental performance (low carbon footprint, energy self-sufficiency, protection of water resources, protection of biodiversity, etc.) as well as socio-economic development (circular economy, functional and social diversity, involvement of the local population, etc.)

¹Institut pour la Ville Durable

Greencity, a flagship eco-neighbourhood of the city of the future

Located in Zurich, Greencity will be the first “2000-watt site” in Switzerland², which is aiming for energy consumption of 2,000 watts per resident by 2100. Its energy requirements will be fully covered by renewable energy sources either purchased or produced on site. The well-being of future residents was a central concern when designing Greencity: generational and social diversity, soft mobility, facilities for leisure activities and families.

²certified by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (OFEN)

The Fort d’Issy digital eco-neighbourhood

Fort d'Issy is an eco-neighbourhood with 1,620 housing units marketed by Bouygues Immobilier in Issy-les-Moulineaux, near Paris. The bioclimatic design of the buildings, the heating and hot water produced by geothermal energy and the home automation-controlled energy consumption all ensure a high level of energy efficiency for the programme. Fort d’Issy’s buildings are also taking part in France's first ever district smart grid.

(Updated: 26 October 2016)

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