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Sustainable urban environments

A provider of innovative solutions for sustainable and desirable urban environments.

In the domain of infrastructures and urban environments, Bouygues responds to society’s demands to cope with the interrelated crises affecting natural resources, the climate and biodiversity. Its solutions are the result of a collaborative approach by its subsidiaries, boosted by industrial partnerships in the areas of renovation, low-carbon construction, eco-neighbourhoods, soft mobility and urban services.


"We have shown that positive-energy buildings and eco-neighbourhoods are not a utopian fantasy, that urban renewal is possible without sacrificing residents’ comfort, and that roads can produce energy and can be used for more than just getting from A to B."

Martin Bouygues
Chairman and CEO of Bouygues group

In 2015, the Bouygues Group took part in COP21

Bouygues played an active role in the debates by presenting more than 70 low-carbon projects and solutions in the areas of renovation, sustainable construction, eco-neighbourhoods, soft mobility and urban services. During COP21, at La Galerie des Solutions, Wattway (Colas), the first ever photovoltaic road surface in the world, and Hikari (Bouygues Immobilier), the first mixed-use positive-energy development in France, in Lyon, each received a Climate Solutions award (Trophée Solutions Climat) and were also singled out by the jury for its special prize for major groups (Coups de cœur Grand Groupe).

A day in sustainable cities : Bouygues' vision of sustainable urban environments
(Updated: 26 October 2016)