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Sustainable innovation

Population growth and urbanisation, climate change, digital and technological transformation: these 21st century challenges are opportunities for Bouygues. The Group’s innovation strategy equips it to capitalise on them in an era of rapidly changing technology.

Six sources of inspiration coexist within the Group to promote an innovation mindset and create shared value:

1. Research and development -

Bouygues draws on the research, development and innovation teams of its parent company (e-lab) and of its subsidiaries to improve and create new products. The Bouygues group has centres of excellence in key areas such as sustainable construction, materials engineering and telecom networks.

2. Innovation by employees -

During collaborative events (Hackathon, design thinking seminars, etc.), Group employees contribute to researching innovative solutions. The aim IS to contribute to continuous improvement.

3. Acquisition of minority stakes in start-ups -

Support for start-ups helps to identify new technologies and new business models early on, enhance existing products and services and draw inspiration from agile working methods.

4. Intrapreneurship -

Via its intrapreneurship initiative, Bouygues offers Group employees the opportunity to become entrepreneurs by benefiting from the support and expertise of Group subsidiaries. This programme is an innovation driver aimed at creating new ground-breaking activities.

5. Partnerships -

In order to identify the future impacts of climate change on its activities, the Bouygues group is a partner and an active member of The Shift Project, a think tank bringing together scientific experts and economic players in order to propose solutions for a low-carbon energy transition. It is also a partner in Ideas Laboratory, a think-tank bringing together experts, industry players and researchers to carry out forward-thinking on the theme of the city of the future.

6. The acquisition of companies, such as Miller McAsphalt acquired by Colas in 2018, bolsters the activities portfolio of the subsidiaries with innovative technologies and business models.

(Updated: 09 October 2019)