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Relations with stakeholders

Acting as a socially responsible company in terms of ethics, purchasing practices, risk management and respect for stakeholders is one of the areas of major commitments of Bouygues’ CSR policy.

Bouygues uses four drivers to develop relations with stakeholders and build loyalty amongst them:

  • It identifies the major stakeholders for each one of its businesses and sites in order to define the terms of dialogue;
  • It integrates CSR issues into purchasing policies and into relations with subcontractors and suppliers;
  • It implements development support initiatives around its sites;
  • It raises awareness amongst the employees concerned of the content of its four compliance programmes (competition, anti-corruption, financial information and securities trading, and conflicts of interest), which supplement the Group’s Code of Ethics.


Since 2018, Bouygues publishes and keeps up-to-date its Tax policy.

This document reflects the Group's commitment to achieve its commercial and industrial objectives while providing its societal contribution to all of its stakeholders and complying with rules and regulations.


Find out more : chapter 3 - 2020 Registration document

(Updated: 17 June 2021)