Group objectives

Open 1,200 Wojoa coworking spaces in France and Europe, including 40 standalone Wojo sites, by 201410 locations11 locations12 locations 40 locations in 2024
Increase Bouygues Telecom’s fibre network coverage (millions of FTTH premises marketed)7.21217.7 35 in 2026

Result in line with the objective  Result lagging behind the objective Not achieved

(a) Wojo, known as Nextdoor prior to March 2019, is a coworking offering delivered under a joint venture between Bouygues Immobilier and Accor.

The Group’s five business segments innovate continuously to make life better every day.  

All the Group’s products and services are designed to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable for its customers, whether in their homes, neighbourhoods, towns or cities, communicating, reading the news or watching entertainment.

In particular, Bouygues pledges to… 

…deliver a high-quality experience for customers in their homes or offices

Climate change, energy transition, the boom in digital technology and teleworking are constantly reshaping the expectations of our customers in relation to where they live and work. To meet these expectations, Bouygues is gearing its products and services towards access rather ownership in response to societal changes. This means:  

  • Connected homes: where occupants can monitor energy consumption in real time and control lighting, heating and roller shutters remotely. Connected objects and digital voice assistants are completely transforming our homes, making them more practical and energy-efficient.
  • Co-living: launched in France in 2020 by Linkcity, Bouygues Construction’s property development subsidiary, the Build to Rent (BTR) concept offers ready-to-rent properties with integrated services. These properties come with shared facilities (reading or TV room, roof terrace, fitness room, etc.) and have already proved successful in the UK with family and urban tenants. The co-living concept, with private and shared spaces as well as flexible leases, is more suitable to young professionals.
  • Co-working spaces and offices: coworking spaces are designed as pleasant places to be, encouraging collaboration and well-being at work and are suited to the new ways of working.  

…facilitate mobility in both urban and rural areas

Bouygues’ construction businesses, by building bridges, roads, tunnels and railway tracks, ease the flow of people and goods. This infrastructure meets the increasing needs for mobility driven by population growth and urbanisation. They help drive economic growth throughout countries.  

For a number of years, the Group has focused on renovating and rehabilitating existing structures in order to limit land take and CO2 emissions. Around 90% of sales generated by the worksites of Colas, the world leader in road construction, is generated by projects based on brownfield sites.

Colas also provides services for users that make roads safer and keep traffic flowing freely.

Finally, in its drive to encourage low-carbon mobility, the Group works with towns and cities to expand soft mobility networks such as cycle paths, tram lines and urban cable car systems.


(around)of sales generated by the worksites of Colas, the world leader in road construction, is generated by projects based on brownfield sites.

…make it easier to access communication networks and media content

Teleworking, home-schooling and virtual meetings with friends and colleagues…the Covid pandemic has accelerated the emergence of new practices that require high-performance communication networks. Bouygues is investing to provide the fastest fixed and mobile speeds and access to services throughout the country, even in the most rural areas. For example, the Group has satisfied all its targets within the New Deal agreement signed with the French government that aims to ensure coverage of rural areas with 4G.  

The media businesses are rethinking their products and services to cater to growing demand for personalised content, namely with catch-up TV, enhanced services and video-on-demand.  

By replacing its TV box device with an app embedded in a Smart TV, Bouygues Telecom is opening up a new era in triple-play offers. These simplify the user experience, provide access to a wider range of content and reduce the carbon footprint, for the same level of usage.


All the objectives of the New Deal, an agreement signed with the French government to ensure 4G coverage in rural areas, have been fulfilled