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VivaTech Digital technology for better worksite management

5 min

The design and construction of sustainable and desirable urban environments are not possible without responsible companies. Respecting this concept is now easier thanks to the development of digitally-connected worksites that facilitate the transmission of data, enhance organisation and improve on-site safety. In response to these new challenges, Bouygues has developed several solutions. A number of new technologies designed by the Group, sometimes in collaboration with partner start-ups, will be on display at Viva Technology 2017, from 15-17 June. Presentation


The virtual recycling platform

Buildings that are truly responsible must be frugal in their resource use and 100% recyclable. To meet this objective, the Newlife virtual platform, developed by several Bouygues subsidiaries, lists the parts that can be recycled (as secondary raw materials) when the building is demolished. These parts can then be used for the construction of new buildings, thus removing the need for storing them in warehouses.

Virtual reality

Simulating danger

Thanks to virtual reality, which enables potentially dangerous situations to be simulated in real-time with zero risk, workers on Bouygues Construction sites are able to increase their awareness and receive training based on practical real-life scenarios. This makes them better equipped to anticipate and deal with situations that are dangerous or risky. When in a simulation of hanging over a precipice or facing a vehicle approaching at high speed, the sensations of fear and vertigo are very realistic. This immersive experience can also simulate falling objects, fires, missing safety barriers or the effects of impaired ability induced by drink or drugs on a worksite. This means that people can experience accidents in a risk-free environment that would otherwise have major consequences in real life.


Protecting health

RB3D develops innovative solutions for facilitating difficult manual tasks that can provoke musculoskeletal disorders. Even though the flexibility and intelligence of a human being cannot be replaced, RB3D believes that its cobots (collaborative robots) and exoskeletons can help siteworkers carry out tasks without effort and thus help safeguard their health.

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Facilitating dialogue with local residents

Developed by the start-up Sensorit, Hublo is an attractive interactive tool that provides users with useful and social information. Initially designed to replace information notices - that are a regulatory and mandatory requirement on worksites - Hublo can adapt to all types of space where people circulate. It connects to information sources to display all types of document, data flow or media, that it can translate into any language. Whether it’s to communicate with employees in a corridor, with visitors in a hall or with residents in a neighbourhood, Hublo is designed to forge strong links with its audience.

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The connected hard-hat

Oscar is a worksite hard-hat designed by Bouygues’ e-lab and first used by Colas Rail employees with the aim of achieving significant improvements in worksite safety. Oscar’s design innovates in three areas, by integrating: a new type of built-in headlight that offers two levels of brightness, depending on the needs of the user; a multi-channel communication system;and an electrical current sensor that emits a sound alarm when it detects high-voltage lines.


LA robot for making mobility on worksites more simple

Effidence is committed to safer on-site mobility through the design and development of autonomous navigation solutions that transform ordinary vehicles into smart machines. This multi-sensor technology enables autonomous, collaborative use in absolute safety thanks to a built-in automatic active obstacle avoidance system.

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Previewing urban developments in 3D

Realiz3D is a start-up specialised in the creation of Building Information Modelling that can be accessed online without the need to install software or download files. Specialised in construction, property development and urban planning, the tools provide support to users from the design phase right up to project handover. The advantage is that residents become more involved in the urban planning process.

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Interested in these new technologies being rolled out by Bouygues?
The Group invites you to come to VivaTech, from 15 to 17 June 2017,
at Porte de Versailles in Paris.