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VivaTech: Bouygues makes cities smart

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New technologies, simplified lives, better management of resources…what if today’s towns and cities were to become more advanced than those we see in Sci-Fi movies? Between 15 and 17 June, Paris is hosting the second edition of Viva Technology, a global gathering focused on innovation and start-ups. The Bouygues group will be participating in the event, where it will present its vision of a new challenge: how to transform our current urban environments into smart cities using new technology. The aim is to support the development of the sharing economy. In addition to presenting its latest solutions at VivaTech, the Bouygues group has selected a number of start-ups to showcase their own innovations designed to make the cities of tomorrow more desirable places to live.


the solar road

PFirst unveiled at COP21 in 2015, Wattway is the world’s first photovoltaic road surface. Developed by Colas, Wattway combines road construction techniques with photovoltaic technology to generate clean, renewable energy, while being able to bear to all kinds of vehicle.. Wattway thus helps to increase the share of photovoltaic technology in the energy mix, both in France and worldwide.

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Connected objects

Objenious is a Bouygues Telecom subsidiary that developed France’s first LoRa network in order to connect millions of objects. The network covers 93% of the population and 84% of the country’s outdoor surface area, equivalent to more than 30,000 municipalities. This nationwide network is fully equipped to ensure communication between connected objects (reduced costs, security, two-way communication, geolocation, long range, high autonomy, mobility, etc.). The increase in the number of connected objects in towns and cities opens the door to a whole world ofnew services that will make our environments more energy-efficient and more pleasant to live in, via the sustainable use of big data. .

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Sharing every day

The Smiile social network offers its 250,000 users a secure and safe digital tool that makes day-to-day sharing easier. Thanks to this app, residents in the same town, neighbourhood, or building can share objects or provide services to each other with complete confidence. Smiile uses a single platform to connect local residents, authorities, businesses, non-profit organisations and other partners.
Smiile benefits sustainable urban environments by generating savings, cutting carbon emissions and reinforcing the social fabric. .

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New momentum for mobility

Wheeliz is the first site that allows private owners of cars that have been adapted to carry wheelchairs to rent their vehicles. When these modified cars are not used daily, the site enables owners to rent them to other wheelchair users.
This app benefits sustainable urban environments by making them more welcoming for people with disabilities. .

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the connected street lamp

Developed by Bouygues Energies & Services, the Citybox® solution, which is fitted into the base of street lamps, transforms street lighting networks into smart infrastructure. The solution can control lighting according to weather conditions, the time of day, the neighbourhood and the maintenance status. Citybox® makes urban environments 1) greener, by adapting street lighting to the lives of their inhabitants, 2) safer, by facilitating the deployment of CCTV systems, 3) more connected, by offering new digital services such as Wifi, and 4), more vibrant, thanks to the use of innovative lighting and sound systems. Citybox® satisfies three objectives: : it improves the energy efficiency of street lighting networks by reducing electricity consumption, it manages networks responsively by using real-time and remote control to ensure that services run smoothly, and it can deploy digital services at a lower cost(Wifi, CCTV, sound systems and special lighting, etc.).

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Le stationnement simplifié

ParkingMap offers connected car parking solutions. With its innovative sensors that use image analysis to map parking availability in real time, ParkingMap provides web and mobile tools to help users find parking spaces and thus improve parking management.
ParkingMap benefits sustainable urban environments by reducing the fuel consumed by drivers looking for parking spaces..

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facilitating communication between citizens and public services

Developed by Spallian and already adopted by more than 60 towns and cities across France and the world, the TellMyCity® app simplifies communication between citizens and public services. Using either a smartphone, tablet or PC, residents can, in just a few clicks, notify their town halls of any damage or other problems they notice in their local areas (concerning street lighting, roads, etc.), make suggestions (request the creation of a new green space, etc.), or congratulate an initiative (creation of a cycle path, etc.).
This app benefits sustainable urban environments by giving local residents a voice and putting their decisions back at the heart of local initiatives. .

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Little Worker

Putting people in touch with construction professionals

Little Worker is a web platform that provides support from the drawing board up to the completion of a home improvement project. Whether it’s just painting a wall or renovating an entire apartment, this innovative service guarantees the price, the delivery date and the quality of the work carried out.
This platform benefits sustainable urban environments by improving the level of service on offer to residents of sustainable cities. .

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Interested in these new technologies being rolled out by Bouygues?
The Group invites you to come to VivaTech, from 15 to 17 June 2017,
at Porte de Versailles in Paris.