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The customer is king

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Meeting customer needs. Although this objective may seem humdrum and obvious, it is nevertheless fundamentally important. To achieve it, Bouygues Telecom has had a good look at its internal processes and adopted an all-round vision by completely overhauling the way it takes care of its customers. They are now at the forefront of concerns. Read on.
Over 16 million visits per month to the Customer area on and on the Android and IOS mobile apps
3,000 sales advisers in the stores
8,000 customer advisers in the call centres
A common core

Streamlining processes. Before 2015, each channel (customer advisers via telephone or internet, store sales staff or customers on the website) had its own IT system and its own database. In 2015, Bouygues Telecom introduced a new software tool in order to optimise customer services. As a result of calm and collected teamwork, carried out with partner US software publisher Salesforce, followed by user testing, a platform was created, aimed at satisfying the following objectives: better handling of customers, fast and efficient replies, more transparency, and streamlining of products and services, which are now the same in the stores and on the internet.

For example, advisers can see more key information on their screens in order to better deal with customer enquiries. This comes in very handy as the customer services department gets millions of calls every month.

And tomorrow?

Bouygues Telecom’s “Accueil 360°” initiative continues to get even better. Improvements include: advisers and customers being able to see all exchanges; roll-out of an improved alert system to flag up the best offers; the continued enhancement of the Customer area and a new mobile app that enables customers to use instant messaging to contact advisers.

As you can see, Bouygues Telecom is becoming more attentive to customers to ensure they remain at the forefront of the process.

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    That is both unique and responsive (optimized browsing regardless of the device: PC, tablet or smartphone).
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    A 2.0 TOOL
    With web-oriented architecture and new collaborative features.
  • 3
    Shared with the customer through the “Assistance” site, for a consistent, coherent message, whatever the means of contact.
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    A dashboard providing a view of all telephone lines, precise multichannel management to trace all customer requests.