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Reinventing the home

5 min
Personalised, adaptable, connected. These were the qualities Bouygues Immobilier focused on when it set about creating a new kind of home to match its customers’ new needs and lifestyles. Read on.

The key in the lock, the washbasin on a stand, the light switches in the same place, and all the fixtures and decor identical to your neighbour's? Not any longer! Bouygues Immobilier has revolutionised its homes by paying particular attention to all the features its customers see.


In spring 2016, Bouygues Immobilier totally transformed its four nationwide catalogues of fixtures for the first time in five years: Essential (entry-level), Attitude, Character, and Expression (the most sophisticated range). These include fixtures and decorative items, ranging from everything in the bathroom (furniture, plumbing fixtures, etc.), to floor and wall coverings (floor tile, ceramic wall tile, parquet flooring, etc.), and the doorknobs and cabinets. “We have decided to significantly upgrade the interior fixtures and decor to distinguish ourselves from our competitors,” explains Nathalie Herlin, Head of Market, Products and Services at Bouygues Immobilier. The aim is to enable buyers to satisfy their desire to design the home of their dreams. In March 2016, online trials of a configurator similar to those offered by carmakers got under way. It allows buyers to view various levels of fixtures and decor in the apartment they are interested in and see the prices too. The selected fittings are shown in a 3D show apartment decorated and furnished according to the styles chosen.


It is now even possible to let buyers decide where they want to place interior walls! This could be useful to turn a two-bedroomed apartment into a three-bedroomed one when the family gets bigger, thus enabling buyers to plan better for the future. This is made possible by the Owwi method, developed in an intrapreneurship1 initiative at Bouygues Immobilier. The rooms in the apartment are divided by movable walls, with no floor or ceiling technical installations thanks to an innovative, patented electrical wiring system. Buyers will thus be able to draw the floor plan of their home themselves using a software application now being developed.

1 Intrapreneurship gives employees the opportunity to develop an innovative project in their company


Aimed at first-time buyers, the Les Lodges residential programme at Chanteloup-en-Brie, south-east of Paris, offers another illustration of the adaptability that customers are looking for in a home. Completed in June of last year, these thirty-five houses have a number of features – their orientation, rooftop solar photovoltaic panels, and night-time cooling system – that make them energy-passive. They consist of three to six modules made of timber and hemp, to which more can be added as the household grows. Permission to modify the structure is provided for in the original building permit.

With Flexom, we are trying not to be bound by rapidly evolving technology and to put the emphasis on flexibility and usage.

Nathalie Watine
EVP Residential Property France


Last but not least, Bouygues Immobilier is the first developer “whose entire offer all across France will consist of fully connected homes,”, says Nathalie Watine, EVP Residential Property France, at Bouygues Immobilier. The Flexom system is available at no extra cost to the buyer in all housing units marketed since the end of the year. The'Full radio' system means that a number of features such as lighting, roller shutters, or heating can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

Customers look at a range of pre-defined scenarios and, using a dedicated application, set their own energy-consumption targets. As a single interface for residents, this app can be used to control other connected devices such as lights, CCTV, thermostats and alarms, which can be added at a later date. The keyword here is interoperability. With Bouygues Immobilier, the home is going to keep on evolving.