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Nextdoor: for a new approach to working

3 min
Arthur Juin, Jean de Guerre and Roseline Desgroux are all business people who are keen users of Nextdoor.

Nextdoor, launched by Bouygues Immobilier, is a collaborative workspace for SMEs, freelancers and project teams of major groups. Below, they talk about their experiences. 

“Nextdoor: being fully engaged without being full of oneself”, Arthur Juin and Jean de Guerre, co-founders of Nos grands-mères ont du talent

Activity: take-away food service offering employment to seniors

Nextdoor1-bisWhat they like about Nextdoor: the friendly welcome

“The Nextdoor team is efficient, without being starchy. Fully engaged without being full of themselves, like us.”

Favorite place: the PlayStation at the reception

“Despite the work, we try to play PlayStation once a day. No question of changing our habits, we’ve got a reputation to maintain!”

Favorite activity: the basil workshop

“Plant, water, pick, and enjoy in a tapenade… everyone here got together around a basil plant. A perfect way to break the ice.”

“Nextdoor: the diversity is a constant surprise”, Roseline Desgroux, coach

Activity: assistance with business transformations

Nextdoor4What she likes about Nextdoor: the diversity

“In the coworking areas and at the events, I meet a surprisingly diverse group of people with a wide range of activities, ages and backgrounds. Traditional companies, start-ups, freelancers… this diversity holds some wonderful surprises!”

Favourite place: the swing in the brainstorming space

“I love talking on the phone while I’m on the swing. It creaks, but that’s no problem. The swinging relaxes me.”

Favourite activity: all of them

“Because I like looking after my mind – with the meet-ups – as much as looking after my body – with reflexology, shiatsu and manicures.”

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