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Bouygues promotes connected buildings

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Or how to optimise a building’s environmental footprint by making As more and more companies commit to the energy transition, the Bouygues group and several start-ups have developed solutions aimed at combining energy efficiency and user comfort. As innovations focused on a more responsible future, they lay the first foundation stones for the smart cities of tomorrow. Read on for a brief overview of these cutting-edge technologies that will be on display at VivaTech 2017 in Paris.


Remotely-controlled buildings

Bouygues Immobilier now provides all its future homes with Flexom, a home automation app for smartphones. Buildings are fitted with sensors and connected objects that have open and secure communication protocols (of the Objenious type) to be used for centralised or decentralised management. There are many different functions that can be controlled remotely using Flexom (heating, air conditioning, locks, shutters). This list can be enhanced continually with new innovations around the themes of health, security, leisure, etc.

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More natural mobility

Most people know how difficult it is to protect reserved car parking spaces. Local authorities, companies and individuals are confronted with this problem every day. Anyces proposes AnyHoop, an autonomous parking hoop combined with the AnyAccess technology. It provides an original solution that requires no major work, key, remote control or internet connection. It benefits sustainable urban environments by opening the door to car park space sharing.

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Intent Technologies

Transforming buildings into services platforms

Intent Technologies has developed the first cloud service dedicated to property development professionals. They can use the service to share data in order to improve the management of their assets and offer new services to residents. The Intent Platform transforms buildings into services platforms that are adapted to the lifestyles and work habits of their residents. It harvests and organises all data and activity related to buildings: IoT sensors, maintenance, usage data, etc. The manager thus has access to the analytical and decision-making tools needed to provide services. The Intent Platform helps to optimise user comfort and energy consumption in buildings.

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Smart Impulse

Optimising power consumption

Smart Impulse proposes a simple solution that can be installed in under two hours without disrupting the electricity supply. The tool ascertains and monitors the power consumption of a site by type of hardware from a single point of measurement. It is based on innovative patented technology that analyses electrical signals. In short, it is able to reduce power consumption by better analysing how it is used.

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The shared building

Heartcity is a Bouygues Construction brand makes the transition from the concept of a positive-energy building to a positive-economy building - namely one that earns more money than it spends. This principle of shared building can be applied in several ways. For example: car parking spaces (used by office workers during the day and residents at night, etc.); the roof, for producing energy and creating a pleasant space for all to share; temporarily unoccupied premises for pop-up shops or professional activities (meetings, lessons, training, etc.), as well as space for electric vehicles and their charge points.
These shared services are facilitated by two technologies: sensors that transmit data about the availability of resources, and apps that make this data available on smartphones and control access and payment for these services.


Shared car parks at the heart of the city of the future

It is a modern paradox that many private parking spaces remain unoccupied whilst at the same time many people find it difficult to park their cars in urban centres. BePark is an off-street parking management and optimisation company that aims to resolve parking-related problems in our towns and cities.

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Measuring workplace environment quality

Improving the quality of the work experience and employee health. Rubix S&I is a start-up that aims to develop and produce disturbance analysis tools for indoor and outdoor environments. It has over 100 man-years experience in sensors, particularly in gas, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and odour detectors.


Finding the sunniest spot

Solen provides potential buyers, estate agents and property developers with tools to measure the level of natural light in any given property. It is an innovation that increases comfort in the home.

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Interested in these new technologies being rolled out by Bouygues?
The Group invites you to come to VivaTech, from 15 to 17 June 2017,
at Porte de Versailles in Paris.