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Nicolas Lemaire and Antonio Caselles, with their experience in project management and management of works teams in the construction of telecoms networks, are launching an innovative project in 2018 as part of Bouygues Construction’s NewValue intrapreneurship programme.

Their observation is clear: the lack of information from the field is a hindrance to dealing with recurring problems such as delays in planning, budget overruns, lack of anticipation and low profitability.

Their years on the building sites are an undeniable asset to make Omniscient, THE solution dedicated to the performance of the construction industry.

They are keen to be part of this new era in the Construction sector, that of digital transformation. In an ecosystem where digitalisation is only just beginning, Omniscient is making its contribution.



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Shared Intelligence for improving the Environnement of construction or industrial operations

In a context of demographic growth and increased urban settlement, contractors, industrial and infrastructure operators as well as local governments must contribute to living better together.

Com'in solutions for shared intelligence, based on IoT and Artificial Intelligence, help these actors manage the impact of their operations on the environment and on human health.

They promote objective information, integrate dialog and feedback between stakeholders for a more serene and timely operation.


(Updated: 14 April 2021)