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The “Les Entrepreneur(e)s” programme

The Bouygues group’s Innovation department has launched a new intrapreneurship programme. It provides an opportunity for Group employees - whatever their profession and speciality - to become entrepreneurs with the backing and expertise of the Group’s business segments.

The creativity of the Group’s employees is a precious resource. Therefore the “Les Entrepreneur(s)” programme, backed by Olivier Roussat, Group CEO, has been designed to support their desire to innovate in order to make progress become reality.

The concept of the programme

The programme is open to all Group employees who have been on a permanent contract for at least two years, and who want to design an innovative project that addresses Group-wide issues. Through the programme, we aim to offer a pathway aimed at developing certain skills that the intrapreneur already has such as the ability to take risks and to challenge themselves, as well as self-reliance and proactiveness. The programme will draw on the concept of frugal innovation because we believe that it is possible, even beneficial, to innovate with few resources, drawing on maker culture, design thinking or lean start-up. The aim is primarily to focus on the needs of users. Experts and coaches will support you throughout the entire process by teaming up with our Group innovation network, the Smart City Initiative community and by capitalising on our partnerships with major academic institutions.

Programme theme

“New products and services: simplifying daily life and helping to build harmonious communities”

The challenges of the ongoing ecological transition, the possibilities offered by digital technology and the need for seamlessness and simplicity are changing what customers come to expect. Furthermore, as a result of the spread of new technologies, modern society is becoming more and more collaborative. At the local level, people are increasingly wanting closer social ties. That is why this first season of the “Les Entrepreneur(s)” programme will be divided into an initial stage of creative thinking around the design of new products and services, which, in the domains of housing, neighbourhoods and cities, whether in terms of mobility, communication, information or entertainment, will aim to simplify the daily lives of our customers, users and thus contribute to building harmonious communities.

(Updated: 28 April 2021)

French presentation of the programme by Olivier Roussat