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Innovate like a start-up

For the first time in the Group’s history, Bouygues is launching an intrapreneurship policy. Intrapreneurship offers employees, whatever their position or specialisation, an opportunity to become entrepreneurs, drawing on the support and expertise of the Group’s business segments.

Called “Innovate Like a Start-up”, the Bouygues group’s intrapreneurship programme aims to offer a simple, agile and stimulating way to develop ideas for commercial solutions complementary to its core businesses. It complements intrapreneurship programmes within each business segment, such as NewValue at Bouygues Construction, Digital Makers at Bouygues Immobilier and Business Lab at TF1. Within this framework, an idea can lead to the creation of a specific activity which may take the form of a wholly-owned subsidiary, an entity or a spin-off with an external shareholder.
Encouraging innovation, this new programme contributes to the Group’s aim of reinventing its businesses and adapting to the changes taking place in society as a result of factors like climate change, digital transformation and urbanisation.

Five good reasons for becoming an intrapreneur

  1. Open to all employees
  2. Access to the strengths of the Group’s business
  3. From idea to roll-out of a commercial solution
  4. Specific time, budget and support
  5. A programme under supervision

How does it work?

All ideas that are innovative and address current issues are welcome, especially those which help to respond to major challenges Group-wide: making infrastructure more sustainable and resilient, improving the social fabric, pooling resources, reinvigorating regional economies, etc. These are all avenues to explore in furtherance of the Bouygues group’s mission of making progress become reality.

Which ideas?

our idea may be an ad hoc proposal. The “Innovate Like a Start-up” programme acts as a link between an idea and the resources needed to turn it into a commercial solution. To be eligible, your idea needs to go beyond the specific confines of one of the Group’s business segments (Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier, Colas, Bouygues Telecom and TF1) and require the involvement of several entities from inside or outside the Group.


Five good reasons for becoming an intrapreneur in the Groupe

Logo Comin

Com’in - Shared Intelligence solutions for the environment

Com’in develops shared intelligence digital solutions based on IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies that ensure better public acceptance of construction or industrial sites by providing objective information and taking into account feedback from all stakeholders.

The first solution developed by Com’in is a decision-making tool that helps operational managers better manage the environmental impacts stemming from their worksites (noise, air quality, mobility, etc.), and therefore help promote more “harmonious communities”.


My Living Bloom Logo

My Living Bloom - landscape architecture and the creation of outdoor living spaces

My Living Bloom is an on-line service entirely dedicated to helping people carry out their landscaping projects (fences, gates, walkways, yards, patios, vegetable gardens, gardens, etc.).
It is a simple-to-use service that helps users realise their projects in three easy stages: inspiration, design and execution.

Projects are tailored to each customer by a team of experts that is present at every phase and which takes charge of each stage of work right up to handover.

(Updated: 14 October 2020)