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Eco-system and partnerships

The Group has powerful and distinctive advantages which boost its potential for innovation. A vast eco-system links internal and external players, including abroad, since the Group has extensive international operations and two technology-intelligence units, Bouygues Asia in Tokyo to cover the Asia zone and Winnovation in San Francisco to cover the US.

A vibrant eco-system with unique advantages


To boost its innovation potential, Bouygues can call on its vast global ecosystem, spanning over 80 countries and bringing together internal and external partners.

  • Two technology intelligence offices: Winnovation in San Francisco and Bouygues Asia in Tokyo
  • Partnerships with the best universities worldwide such as MITb
  • Active dialogue with over 1,300 start-ups
  • Investments in promising start-ups through five institutional funds run by the Group.
  • Participation in forward-looking, innovative initiatives such as Futura Mobility, which bring together companies operating along the mobility value chain, and Impact AI, a think-and-action tank that investigates the ethical and societal issues posed by artificial intelligence and sponsors innovative, difference-making projects.

This structure is fertile ground for generating fresh ideas and developing new types of business.

(Updated: 14 April 2021)