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Eco-system and partnerships

The Group has powerful and distinctive advantages which boost its potential for innovation. A vast eco-system links internal and external players, including abroad, since the Group has extensive international operations and two technology-intelligence units, Bouygues Asia in Tokyo to cover the Asia zone and Winnovation in San Francisco to cover the US.

A rich eco-system and unique advantages

This organisation helps to spawn new ideas and new activities.
In addition, the diversity of our business segments promotes Group-wide synergies capable of responding to a whole host of potential future uses. That built-in distinctiveness is an asset which reinforces the Group’s competitive advantage. For example, Bouygues considers that the arrival of 5G will have an impact on all the Group’s business segments. As such, it offers an opportunity to capitalise on their complementarity. The in-house accelerator, called SmartX 5G, will coordinate 5G-related initiatives, bringing together partners, customers and research labs to test and develop uses that will improve quality of life for everyone.

At the same time, Bouygues is pursuing its own digital transformation. Digitising its working methods and processes will help boost the Group’s productivity and efficiency. The digital culture promoted within the Group frees up the creativity of its people, making each one an innovator.

(Updated: 09 January 2020)